I will not stop, until AI hat a higher IQ than Alan Turing.


Daniel Paschek, Product Owner & Solution Architect

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We sat down with Daniel to get some insights about what life is like for someone working in AI for the Telekom group.

Portrait Daniel Pascheck Product Owner & Solution Architect

Daniel Paschek, Product Owner & Solution Architect

So Daniel, tell us what your job is about?

I am a Product Owner & Solution Architect, it’s basically about delivering business value to customers by optimizing the architectural application landscape through iterative optimization and innovative solutions. We want to help our customers to continue moving forward and to be strong in the face of both present and future challenges to generate a valuable outcome.

What’s a typical day in your job?

I like to start with a powerful breakfast to help me be my best when meeting with colleagues. Together with my colleagues I solve issues with simple solutions so that we end our day with a positive feeling safe in the knowledge that in our own small way we made a difference, which in the long run adds up to a big difference for everyone. When I get home I like to spend quality time with my family and try and fit in some exercise ha-ha-ha-ha! 

What characteristics and skills does one need to work in your field?

You need to be an experienced and professional digital native with the skills and entrepreneurship to be innovative and disruptive. You have to be passionate about enhancing efficiency and customer experience. In addition, leadership, communication and being a team player are important.  

How are you growing in Telekom?

I started as Project Manager working with large deals whilst studying a dual masters at Steinbeis University. After two years of studying, I moved on to complex deal management and Telekom internal transition & transformation Projects as a Project Manager. I then decided to go deeper into the Architecture field as Solution Architect for Business Customers. In addition to this, I’m currently Product Owner for IT-Portfolio Management where we optimize the architecture and application landscape for business customers. 

What is special about Telekom culture?

It’s an open and positive culture where you can communicate without constraints. This allows you to go in any direction. It empowers you to chase what you want by pursuing projects that are your passion. 

Do you have a motto?

I do and it is one that I try and live by. “Take Risks… If you win, you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise.”