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Meet our colleague Catrin Braun, an expert for smart city solutions at Telekom.

What I do

I work as a smart city expert for T-Systems. I develop everything that is needed for a modern city with new technologies to improve urban life. One example: we developed an app called Park and Joy. In traffic-heavy cities this app finds a free spot for you, navigates you to the place and even lets you pay the parking fee with just two clicks of a button.

Why I do it

What motivates me is the positive consequences behind these projects. In the case of the parking app it’s obvious that we make the life of drivers a lot easier. On top of that, we reduce traffic and create a positive impact on our air quality and lower CO2 emissions.
Another example would be our Smart City Tree, a big moss installation that analyses air quality and filters it at the same time. These technologies really enrich urban life and can help us in a future where more and more people will live in big city centres.

As ambitious as possible

We really try to outsmart ourselves over and over again. There is no stopping when you want to improve the life of so many people. Right now, climate change is THE problem we as a generation face. And cities are responsible for 75% of worldwide energy consumption. So there you go – we know what to do. Smart city lights are one answer to this problem, dimming the light when no one is on the street. And there are many more thoughts and ideas we have. I think the greater the challenge, the better our performance. So, we will continue to push the envelope and set the digital benchmark as a brand.