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Meet our colleague Zsófia Magyar from the internal digitisation studio in Budapest.


What I do

I work in the internal digitisation studio. We help in the process of software development for digital tools that are used by Telekom colleagues. The main goal is to use automation in our work processes in order to free our colleagues from all unnecessary work.

Why I do it

Digitisation can make a big difference in our lives. In work life, an extra hour per day that we save because a program is helping us can empower us to think more about the questions that really matter – in a more creative and inspired way. And this goes for every aspect of our lives. Our technologies centre around the people who use them – everything I do seeks to make people’s lives more convenient, enjoyable and rich.

How I make it happen

We work with scrum, so a big part of my day is defined, for example a team stand-up meeting in the morning. In between, I like to take as much freedom as possible. It helps me to think freely and come up with new perspectives. I move around our headquarters, work from home or on the go. We are in the business of making our world move forward, so I try to always stay agile as well.

The network behind me

Moving around our headquarters also means staying in close contact with all my colleagues. We meet a lot, talk about ideas and collaborate. It really feels a lot like a dynamic start-up in that way. I have great colleagues sharing their potential with me and as a team we can make great things happen – we are working towards a greater goal here. This ambition unites us and creates a unique spirit.