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Meet our colleague Zsolt Butyka, a Chapter Lead for Telekom’s Product Development.

What I do

I am in the lead for the Product Development Chapter where we constantly look to find new ways to innovate. Beyond the leadership tasks with my team, I try to spend as much time as possible with the elaboration of new product and service concepts.


I strive to find the best viable solutions to the problems of our customers. Anything less is not satisfying when you work for Telekom. We work on developing product concepts that impact wide segments of society, especially with the aim to promote the spread of digitalization. So, in the end my work matters and I am aware of this responsibility.

How I empower myself

Inside Telekom you have all the possibilities to grow as a person. By having shifted to other jobs for certain periods of time, I had the opportunity to learn a lot. Real personal growth is ensured by continuous development, inner drive to take action, transparency, recognition of professional competences and a supportive workplace atmosphere. Furthermore, the agile transformation of the company has totally turned over how we work. It helps us to leave our comfort zones, give up old habits and allow a new mindset.