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Job-ID: 109726_EN_2

Senior Frontend Developer (Debrecen)

IT Services Hungary
Debrecen, Hungary
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Full Time - Regular
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Functional Area:
ICT / IT Development
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  • +800 80 056 056
  • Aktív fejlesztési tapasztalattal bíró, gyakorlott frontend-fejlesztőt keresünk teljes end-to-end megoldást nyújtó csapatunkba, aki a fejlesztési feladatai mellett felügyeli a kódminőségi és funkcionális minőségi elvárások betartását.
  • Az új kolléga legfőbb feladatai a következők lesznek:
  • Résztvétel a projektek teljes életciklusát átfogó változatos fejlesztői feladatokban
  • Magas kódminőség biztosítása, az ehhez szükséges eszközök bevezetése
  • Aktív résztvétel a code review-kon
  • Junior csapattársak segítése, best practice-ek bemutatása
  • Új technológiák kipróbálása, bevezetése
  • Agilis módszertan szerinti munkavégzés
  • Szükség szerint kapcsolattartás nemzetközi ügyfelekkel
  • Naprakész tudás legalább egy NodeJs/Typescript/Javascript alapú keretrendszer használatában
  • HTML, (S)CSS mélyebb ismerete
  • Releváns tapasztalat egy nem Javascript alapú programozási nyelvben (Java, C++, .Net, ...)
  • Nyitottság az új technológiák megismerése és bevezetése iránt
  • Agilis módszertanban való jártasság
  • Adatbázis ismeretek
  • Rugalmasság
  • Csapatjátékos attitűd
  • Jó kommunikációs képességek
  • Tárgyalóképes angol nyelvtudás szóban és írásban

Előnyt jelent:

  • Az Angular keretrendszer ismerete
  • A Spring Boot keretrendszer ismerete
  • Tapasztalat az alábbi eszközök használatában: Visual Studio Code, GitLab, Jira, Confluence, Sonar, Git
  • Problémamegoldó készség
  • Komplex munkakörnyezetben való eligazodás
  • Német nyelvtudás

IT Services Hungary is the biggest ICT employer of Hungary, the subsidiary company of T-Systems International. Our company uniquely offers the whole portfolio of ICT-service. Our centres in Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged satisfy our international clients in systemintegrational and operational fields, but in our wide offer you can also find all the widely used software and hardware platforms of SAP system services as well as distant and local server operation, network management and supervision. The appreciation of our work is shown by winning the „Investor of the Year” award both in 2008 and 2015. In the year 2014/15 „Employer of the Year” (National Champion)  award was also collected by us. Since 2014 the company has been a multiple Superbrands award winner, and IT Business gave us the title: „The Most Successful ICT enterprise” in 2017.

We are looking for experienced professionals as a still developing and broadening company!

Further career information

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You need technical help? Our Career Team can be reached via e-mail or via phone: +49 800 3306700 and is looking forward to help you with any request.

Master exciting challenges without overextending yourself, be dedicated to your job while also enjoying a well-balanced private life – this is admittedly not always easy.

Take charge of your life. With work-life@telekom, Telekom is expressly integrating the reconciliation of work and private life into the corporate culture. Diverse measures in the focal areas “Working time and location”, “Health and fitness”, “Family” and “Social aspects” ensure improved reconciliation of work and private life – for all of our employees: Singles and families, young and old employees, men and women. With us you can unfold your full potential while also making your individual life plan a reality.

We can offer you development opportunities that are lifelong. After all, the challenges in our industry are constantly changing - and we know, that we can best meet them with outstandingly qualified colleagues.

We offer a broad spectrum of personal training and development possibilities. Whether you're a newcomer, an expert or a manager - we can offer you exciting prospects and individual career paths. For example, there are various development programs to support expert and executive careers, international exchanges, or part-time studying while you work. Our employees have the choice. Detailed information can be found in the category Career Center on our career website.

Money might not bring happiness, but it does make life easier. Because we want you to be able to focus fully on the projects at hand, we support you with an attractive salary and numerous benefits. Because money can't get you everything, we offer a number of benefits to make life easier on top of that. You can further benefit from individual location-specific offers and support services.

You want to know more about our compensations and benefits? Then take a look at the section called Our Services on our career site.

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Two clicks for more data privacy: click here to activate the button and send your recommendation. Data will be transfered as soon as the activation occurs.
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Two clicks for more data privacy: click here to activate the button and send your recommendation. Data will be transfered as soon as the activation occurs.