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Application tips

Application tips

First up, one of the most important tips of all: Show us who you are. We want to see the applicant’s real self. Be frank, be honest. Personalities. A mix of different characters, viewpoints, and experiences is one of the main reasons for Telekom’s success.

Steps for a successful application

These tips will make it easy to create an impressive application.

Applications to Telekom must include three sections: A cover letter, a resume, and references and certificates.

The cover letter
School students, university students, and graduates need to include a cover letter. Important: Stay on-message, and make sure your letter is no longer than an A4 sheet of paper. As a recruitment specialist, I want to know why you are interested in Telekom. Tell us your goals and ambitions. We are particularly interested in hearing about previous experiences that qualify you for the job in question. Link your information to the job.
Give us specifics. This helps us tell quickly if you are a match for the vacancy. I love seeing cover letters that reveal what makes you the person you are. Emphasize your strengths, and make sure there are no typos.

The resume
Make sure your resume is very clearly structured. This means keeping things simple: Less is more! Stick as close as you can to including points that are relevant for the job in question. I pay particularly close attention to interesting resume details that distinguish you from other applicants. Make it clear what connects the position’s requirements with your strengths or knowledge. We want your resume to contain details: For example what did you do in your internship, what were your responsibilities? My advice: People starting their careers should state if and how they were engaged in volunteering. Volunteering teaches skills that others job starters might not have yet, such as a strong sense of responsibility. At Telekom, a resume is usually laid out as follows: Personal data, education, focus of studies, grades, work experience. It is possible to vary this sequence. If you don’t have enough space to include everything, use links to online sources of information, such as your Xing or LinkedIn profiles.

References and certificates
Only submit the references and certificates that are relevant for the position. We welcome additional qualifications if they are beneficial for the job. We also appreciate certificates relating to internships and time spent abroad (incl. dates and language courses).
Important: When we hire someone, we require a range of documents (certified originals) in addition to a certificate of good conduct. In Germany, applicants can get these from their local residency registration authority.

In Germany, it is common to send a photo with an application. This is not essential at Telekom, but if you do send a photo, make sure it is one taken professionally. We recommend that you go to a photo studio, and friends can then help you pick the best shot. If you want to be inventive with colors and the design of your application, you’re welcome to do so. Let us see what makes you unique as an applicant. We love hearing from creative people and anyone who thinks outside the box.

Our job search function is at www.telekom.com/jobsuche. We recommend that you sign up at our job search portal and create an applicant profile there. This is a good idea, because once you create a profile, it only takes a few clicks to apply for positions at Telekom around the world. The digital application form makes everything very quick and simple. You can use the overview function to track the status and next steps of a specific application. If you want to apply for a job but don’t have the time to complete it now, all you have to do is save your input, then complete the application later and send it off.

Giving online applications a personal touch
If you already have a copy of your application documents (a PDF is best), you will only need about five minutes for an online application with Telekom. We’re keen to learn about you, so for some jobs, we have a few additional questions: As an applicant, what skills and talents will you bring to Telekom? How do you want to contribute to Telekom’s success? Take your time when answering our questions. You can always save a draft of your application and complete it at a later point in time.

Don’t forget to include attachments
Do you have all of the documents – cover letter, resume, and references? Great. Now you can use our job portal to send your application straight to us. We recommend uploading each document as a separate PDF. Our system is also compatible with formats such as .doc, .jpg, .rtf, .png, and .txt. Please note: Each file must be smaller than 10 MB. If you encounter any difficulties with your online application, don’t forget that our careers hotline is there for you. We can guide you through the application process.

A single click to start your future
Please check all of your details one last time. When you’re ready, click the button to apply, and our system sends your documents to us. Your personal profile remains in our system, which means that you can see how an application is progressing or apply to another vacancy. We’d like to point out one thing, however: Once you submit an application, there is no way to change it.

You will receive confirmation of receipt when your documents reach us. After that, you can use your account to see who is currently handling your application, where it is, and how it is being processed. You can withdraw your application at any point if you so wish.

You will receive confirmation of receipt when your documents reach us. First, we check if your profile matches the vacancy. We generally need up to four weeks to complete the initial assessment stage. If someone isn’t a suitable candidate, they receive notification by e-mail. Make sure that our recruitment experts can access your profile. This way, we can contact you if we identify a vacancy that matches your details. If you pass the first round of the evaluation process, we will send you a mail inviting you to an interview.

If you already have work experience or are applying for a direct-entry position as a graduate, the length of the application process depends to a large degree on timing: Does your schedule match the needs of the unit interested in hiring you? We’re looking forward to meeting you in person.

Applicants to our Start up! trainee program will get about two weeks’ notice when we invite them to one of our assessment centers. People who perform well will then be asked to an interview. The overall recruitment process for the program takes between eight and ten weeks, and we sent prompt notification of acceptance or rejection every time a step is completed.

If you apply for an internship, it takes about a week for us to send you an invitation to an interview. It takes a further two weeks for us to finalize our decision, and we will inform you immediately.

Well done! We really liked your application, and we think your skills and qualifications will make a real contribution to our company’s mission. Now, we’d like to get to know you in person. Use the interview to show us what kind of person you really are. You might be nervous, but there’s no need to worry. Recruiters are people too, and we don’t grade each of your statements with a plus or minus. What counts for us is the overall impression.

Preparation is all-important
Preparing for your interview means that you can be relaxed. Start with your choice of clothes. Think about what matches the position. Don’t be too informal. A shirt, blouse, or suit can boost your confidence. Getting your responses ready is even more important. Your potential team is interested to hear about projects that you have worked on in the past. Your future boss and one of our recruiting experts normally take part in interviews at Telekom. Think about interesting tasks you have undertaken, for example when you were a student or working on previous projects. Have you volunteered as part of a social project and assumed special responsibilities during this time? These kinds of factors are of interest to us, so it makes sense to prepare your answers so that you can describe your experiences well – and in a way that gets our attention.

The interview
The interview itself lets us all get a better idea about one another. Tell us why your strengths make you ideal for the vacancy – and also tell us how you cope with your weak points. What makes you who you are? What special expertise do you have? The interview is your opportunity to impress us. Do you think outside the box? Show us how. We are looking for people, not academic titles.

Curiosity about our company is something we really like to see, so have your questions ready. Top tip: Take a good look at our website. After all, interviews are also there to give you the opportunity to get to know us as well and enable us to see if you suit Telekom.

After the interview
You will hear back from us within two weeks of the interview. If our response is positive, we will give you some time to think about our offer. Ultimately, it is up to you if you want to join our company. If you accept the position, we will discuss the details of your contract with you, either in person or by phone. This process should be completed within five weeks at the latest. Once we have all of the necessary documents (staff questionnaire, etc.), we will mail your contract to you.

An opening near you

Take a look at our openings throughout Germany.

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