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Customer service at the Location Brühl

Customer service at the Location Brühl

Learn more about career opportunities in Customer Services, be won over by the particular perks of this location, and gain an impression of Brühl.

Bergerstraße 80
50321 Brühl

Whether DSL, fixed network, mobile communications, Entertain or SmartHome: millions of customers use our products and services. They not only appreciate innovative and reliable technology for experiencing something special, exchanging ideas with people and sharing experiences with each other. They also appreciate the advice and support we offer them. This is made possible by our employees in consulting, technical service and sales. Every day, our service employees are in contact with our customers around 270,000 times. Be a part of it!

Do you love impressing customers and are you a fan of our products and services? Then take a look at our Job search  website! There may be a customer service job in Brühl with your name on it.

Brühl is nestled in the heart of Rhineland Nature Park. The town is famous for Phantasialand, its theme park, as well as two palaces, which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a moated castle, which people still live in to this day. There are many moated castles dotted around the region; more than fifty of them are by the Rhine and the Erft.

Europe’s tallest climbing tower

Brühl lures in visitors with its wealth of culture. Be it film screenings or the small arts festival, the art gallery or cabaret, there is something for everyone in this town in which Prince-Bishops once resided. There are also many clubs and societies in Brühl. Carnival revelers, for example, have the choice of more than 20 societies in the town.

Sports enthusiasts can also find like-minded people in almost all disciplines, regardless of whether it is dancing, diving or a different sport that keeps you fit. There are several lakes in the area perfect for water sports and swimming in summer. And if you prefer climbing to crawl stroke, you can take on Europe’s tallest climbing tower at the Bleibtreusee lake.
With just under 45,000 residents, Brühl is a cozy little town with an excellent standard of living. And if you begin to miss the hustle and bustle, you can jump on a regional train and be at Cologne Central Station in a half hour.

Thomas Schulz

Thomas Schulz

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