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Customer service at the Location Ludwigshafen

Customer service at the Location Ludwigshafen

Learn more about career opportunities in Customer Services, be won over by the particular perks of this location, and gain an impression of Ludwigshafen.

Rheinallee 11
67061 Ludwigshafen

Whether DSL, fixed network, mobile communications, Entertain or SmartHome: millions of customers use our products and services. They not only appreciate innovative and reliable technology for experiencing something special, exchanging ideas with people and sharing experiences with each other. They also appreciate the advice and support we offer them. This is made possible by our employees in consulting, technical service and sales. Every day, our service employees are in contact with our customers around 270,000 times. Be a part of it!

Do you love impressing customers and are you a fan of our products and services? Then take a look at our Job search  website! There may be a customer service job in Ludwigshafen with your name on it.

With around 165,000 residents, Ludwigshafen is the largest city in the Palatinate region. Situated on the Rhine, Ludwigshafen wows visitors and residents with its balance of urban life and countryside. From flats in the old buildings in the city center, to the villa with unimpeded views of the Rhine, to the new-build estates in the countryside, there is housing for every taste here.

Party, shop, and relax

If you want work-life balance, Ludwigshafen offers plenty of ways to relax and spots to go for a stroll, Ebert Park being one of them. Culture lovers rave about the Wilhelm Hack Museum or the German State Philharmonic of Rhineland-Palatinate. There are also numerous restaurants, ice cream parlors, and shops lining the Rhine. And at night, people meet at Musikpark Ludwigshafen or in the Loft or MusicHall clubs. If you want even more variety and entertainment, you can reach a number of large cities by car or train within an hour, including Mainz, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, and Darmstadt.

Thomas Schulz

Thomas Schulz

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