Cloud technology careers

The motor behind digitalization

As one of the main motors in the digitalization process, the cloud has relevancy for almost every company. With the support of high-profile partners, we provide our business customers with cloud-based services for digitalizing their processes. This also entails giving companies the ability to adapt their IT flexibly so they can respond to constantly changing needs. Thanks to the cloud, they can ensure their IT is always state-of-the-art, save time and money, and focus on their core business activities.
Our goal is to give companies greater room for maneuver, so our public cloud services are not only completely frictionless, but they also meet the highest security requirements. They can also be integrated trouble-free with existing IT architectures. Merge your cloud expertise to ours and help us transform our public cloud ecosystem into an even better solution for meeting all our customers' needs, from IaaS to PaaS and SaaS.

We manage complex systems

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments are becoming increasingly popular with companies. If customers combine several options, managing the multi-cloud system can become highly complex. We already have a solution for this: Managed Cloud Services. Skilled professionals are always in demand, and you can contribute your expertise in technology, migration, or platforms to take cloud solutions to the next level for companies of all kinds, be they SMEs or listed corporations.

Heleen Herselman

One day with...

Heleen Herselman, VP Infrastructure Public Cloud.

Magenta cloudscape
Frank Siemon

One day with...

Frank Siemon, VP Cloud Products & Services Recruiting.

Multi-layered projects

We support corporations with cloud-related services, but our customers also include SMEs. Our work constantly requires us to tackle new challenges, and Sea Hero Quest is just one project among many that demonstrates how varied our portfolio is. We created this mobile game as part of a joint undertaking with scientists and games developers. The game collects data that can be used for medical research.
It was developed within a stable, high-availability, but simultaneously scalable production environment that gives it the flexibility to respond to differing levels of usage. AppAgile was the ideal automatically scalable backend option for the development and rollout phases. Docker containers offer additional flexibility for switching platforms if necessary. Thanks to these, the development process only took a few weeks before the game hit the market.
Our initial plans envisaged 50,000 users, but after just two weeks, Sea Hero Quest had no less than 1 million users. This figure grew to 4 million within four months of the game's launch, but this never represented a problem thanks to the flexible PaaS environment.
The game has collected in the region of 10 terabytes of data, and big data solutions will make it possible to analyze it all. This information is extremely confidential and is therefore stored in the secure DSI vCloud. Billing uses a needs-based pay-per-use model in line with Germany's data security regulations.
Are you interested in working on projects like this one? If so, send in your application today.

Your way in, and your way up

Virtually every company can use the cloud to enhance the efficiency and management of their IT activities. No matter what our customers want from the cloud – infrastructure, software, partial or complete data storage – we help them optimize work processes and reduce costs. Join us and support our mission to shape the future of digital by making the transition to the gigabit world easier for companies.

You don't think of southern France when you hear the word Azure, and you know SaaS isn't a ski resort in Switzerland? You want to develop innovations instead of simply managing existing systems? You're keen on experimenting and aren't scared of the occasional setback if an ambitious plan comes up short? Then T-Systems is the place for you. Your skills in analyzing, technical consulting, and migrating will bring the cloud to our customers.

We are looking for the following:

Cloud analysts
Big data specialists
Experts in different sectors: Automotive, transport and logistics, healthcare, retail
Hybrid cloud specialists
Machine learning experts
Private cloud experts
Product managers
Project leaders
SAP specialists
Scrum masters
Service managers
Agile methodology specialists
Sales specialists

We support our customers' extensive cloud-related projects. These involve complex technical issues and innovative solutions. Every new business process represents additional challenges and requires specialist expertise. At Telekom, you keep leaning and growing so that you always stay abreast of the latest developments and are therefore in a position to tackle the problems of tomorrow. We can offer you an impressive range of personalized training and career development options, such as different programs for technical and management positions, opportunities to work abroad, or studying for a degree parallel to your job. The choice is completely up to you.

As a trainee at Telekom, you have the freedom to structure your 18 months with us exactly as you wish. There is only one requirement: Select a single focal topic. You can choose between the internet of things, cloud solutions, and big data, and then go on to work independently on tasks you have selected within the context of associated projects.

Cloud technology: Your contacts

Do you have questions about the career opportunities we offer in the field of cloud computing? Would you like to hear more about a specific position or team? Write one of our recruitment specialists or experts. You can also use our contact form to ask for further information.

Marion Bernhard-Winter, Lead Recruiter Group Headquarters und Traineeprogramm Start up

Marion Bernhard-Winter

Lead Recruiter Group Headquarters and Trainee Program Start up!


Frank Strecker

SVP Gobal Cloud Computing & Big Data

Heleen Herselmann

Heleen Herselmann

Team Lead Public Cloud Architecture

News about the Cloud focus topic

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