Customer service

A job as varied as life itself

Millions of customers use our products and services such as DSL, fixed-line and mobile offerings, Entertain, and SmartHome. They love innovative and reliable technology, not just because it opens up new experiences, but also because it lets them connect with people and share stories. Our advice and support services are greatly appreciated too. This is down to the dedication of our employees working in customer support, technical service, and sales. Every day, these people interact with our customers some 270,000 times via phone calls, e-mails, our online chat function, and face-to-face discussions when working on-site. We are there for our customers 24/7/365, helping them to stay connected day in, day out. Why? It's simple, really: At Telekom's customer service unit, helping people is the core of our mentality. Our goal is to make sure that people experience a sustained improvement to their lives.

Do you want to make customers happy? Welcome to our team!

You know where your talent lies? We'd like to see it in action! Whether you've completed an internship for dialog marketing agents, have several years or experience in customer service, or want to start afresh in a new field, we are looking for communicative, customer-focused people for our Telekom Service centers around Germany.

There are three areas for new recruits:
You advise and support customers with issues regarding contracts, products, and services.
Working in sales, you win over potential customers for Telekom's range of innovative fixed-line, mobile, internet, and TV products.
Technical service staff resolve any problems and faults that affecting our customers' mobile and fixed-line purchases.

If we haven't already convinced you that joining our team is the right thing for you, here are a few more examples to show that Telekom is the perfect choice for jobseekers.

TÜV-Zertifikat 2017 – zum fünften Mal in Folge

TÜV certificate in 2017 – the fifth year running

TÜV, Germany's certification body, assessed our customer service, technical service, and Telekom shops for reliability, competence, and customer service. Result: Good customer satisfaction levels.

CHIP Hotlinetest 2017

CHIP hotline test in 2017

The computer magazine assessed the satisfaction levels of customers who contacted our hotline over a problem with their mobile or fixed-line products. CHIP looked into issues such as customer service, ease of contact, waiting times, and transparency. Result for mobile communications: Excellent overall, excellent service. Result for fixed-line communications: Excellent overall, winner of customer service test.

Deutschlandtest 2017 "Online-Service"

"Online Service" nationwide test in 2017

This test looked at the breadth of online services and how they are perceived. Result: Best online service, cross-sector.

Deutschlandtest 2016 "Service-König"

"Service-König" nationwide test in 2016

This test assessed the perception of services using the question "In your opinion, which provider offers the best customer service in what (sector) and what (town/city)?" Result: First place in the telecommunications sector.

How you can join our customer service unit

Whether you're a school leaver or have already completed an vocational training, whether you have already worked in customer service or want to join us from a completely different field, Deutsche Telekom is perfect if you want to begin a new job.

Do you have a talent for supporting people and/or technical know-how? Do you always focus on providing an excellent service and like being someone our customers can rely on? Our team is looking for people with your skills to work as customer agents, either full time or part time, across Germany .

We give our employees every opportunity to enhance their skills. Internship 2.0 is a role- and support-related model that is up and running at all of our customer service centers. Then there is Training@KS, which we use to adapt training processes and course contents so they match our staff and business activities.
Special further training programs give you a chance to upskill and become a team leader or sales expert.

Your direct line to a new job

Do you have any questions about your future job on Deutsche Telekom's customer service team? Just call us, send an e-mail, or use our contact form to ask for more information.

Thomas Schulz

Thomas Schulz

Recruiting Expert

Philipp Reuters, Servicetrainer/Kundenberater

Philipp Reuters

service trainer and customer consultant

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