Agile working at Telekom IT

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We rely on agile working methods in order to be able to meet our customers’ needs without delay. This ramps up the teamwork much more than if traditional work methods are used. Every individual bears more responsibility for the result and can really make a difference through their contribution.

Documentation according to the Scaled Agile Principle

The joint and equal coordination of tasks within the agile team is an extremely important success factor.

Telekom IT is increasingly using the organizational format of digital hubs in order to be able to make Telekom’s products and processes available to customers in a flexible manner and with shorter lead times. Here, our IT experts work closely with experts on the technical side. Even though these projects are often very complex, results can be achieved quickly because Telekom IT uses agile working methods. The Scrum method is used within the teams, while the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) also greatly facilitates agile working.

Fast and flexible

The Scrum method is primarily characterized by a high degree of flexibility. The team works together to decide on requirements and objectives, and implements them in short sprints. Progress is discussed and next steps decided in daily meetings – known as “scrums.” This allows the team to achieve considerably shorter delivery times on projects that would take up to twelve months or more under the traditional waterfall model.

Unlike in a factory, where each worker executes a small part of the process in isolation and then passes on the outcome, here each person in the team is responsible for the entire product and its quality. Collaboration within the group is intensive because each individual’s work represents a valuable contribution and makes a difference. In addition, organization into sprints facilitates more direct communication with the customer, making them the focus. Progress is kept transparent and can be translated directly into findings and results.

View of metaplan wall with collection of ideas

Together we reach our goal. In this respect, the ideas and opinions of all colleagues are important in order to achieve the best result.

Comprehensive training

Because agile working methods require not only new procedures, but also a new mindset and different decision-making processes, we have the Agile Academy to professionally train employees for their roles within the Scrum system. Each team that wishes to engage in agile working undergoes three to six months of preparation with an Agile Coach. This involves both learning new methods of collaboration and sustainably modifying behaviors and attitudes.

Are you a doer that likes to get things done? At the same time, do you want to not just develop and test on the assembly line, but also combine development with service? Are you prepared to keep learning new things about yourself and willing to help us shape our transformation? Then apply now!