Task areas

What is your passion?

Deutsche Telekom has a lot more to offer than many people realize. From IT experts to product designers - we have the right job for you. Go on a voyage of discovery around our world of jobs.

IT consulting

Having an efficient IT structure is essential for any business. You perform analyses and provide advice on new systems, optimization or integration measures, and are always there to listen to your customers.

IT/ telecommunications projects and development

We are already working on the technical standards of tomorrow. At the very forefront of our work are our systems analysts, software developers and international project managers.

IT/ telecommunications operation

You feel at home in the world of applications, networks and systems. As a system, database or network administrator, you keep our technology running smoothly and our customers happy.

Sales and service management

Whether you deal directly with customers in customer services or develop new sales concepts behind the scenes, you are passionate about our products and services.

Procurement, logistics and partnering

Your business and technology background along with your international experience make you the ideal addition to our team. You conduct negotiations with suppliers, develop strategies and optimize processes.

Finance, controlling, taxes

As a consultant and sparring partner for all departments, you have a direct impact on the planning, implementation and monitoring of relevant economic matters.

Marketing, editing, PR and media

Innovative advancements need innovative marketing, so let your creative juices flow. Marketing and communications experts pull in the same direction to implement marketing strategies.

Human resources

You set the tone for a talent-rich corporate culture that promotes an optimal work-life balance and lateral thinking. A competitive workforce and permeable structures enable you to encourage employees to think and act like entrepreneurs.

Strategy, processes, audits and internal auditing

Your competition analyses, market and internationalization strategies, as well as process improvements, help to make the company successful.

Legal affairs, security and regulation

No other market is developing as dynamically as telecommunications - an exciting challenge for qualified lawyers specializing in antitrust and regulatory law, patenting and investment management.

Research and (product) development

Be part of projects on state-of-the-art technology working with academics from across the globe and pave the way for next-generation products.

Administration and support

You have an aptitude for keeping track of things and stay calm and reliable - even when the going gets tough. Management can rely on you to prepare information, coordinate appointments and be on hand as the team's point of contact.