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"As a company, you shall make life easier for students!" Unfortunately, this commandment isn't set in stone. But we observe it anyway, which is why we offer the Flexikum - a completely flexible internship. It means you can gain practical experience despite having a packed timetable. Skeptical? Take a look at our seven Flexikum commandments.

Flexikum applicants: Welcome!

So you don't want to extend your studies in order to fit in a voluntary internship? We know what you mean. With the flexikum you don't have to do that. As the name suggests, it promises flexibility and lets you arrange your own working hours for a maximum period of 18 months respectively 1.000 hours.

In other words:

This means that you contact your Telekom team and agree to work between 55 and 130 hours per month. You can assign those hours as agreed within one month. Both you and the team need to be happy with the arrangement. We are considerate of stressful exam periods and compulsory lectures.

As a flexikum intern, your aim is to be integrated in your team, get acquainted with your tasks and, over the long term, get involved in projects. It works like this: It might be that you familiarize yourself with your subject matter during the semester break, and then work flexible part-time hours to look after your project once the new semester starts.

Who is the ideal candidate for a flexikum?

All matriculated students who would be interested in a very flexible, voluntary internship, or graduates whose aim is to enroll on a master's program after their internship. What is important to us is that applicants are keen to learn, have a good head on their shoulders and, most of all, want to get involved. We need lateral thinkers. Are you creative and like to share ideas and information with others – possibly in English, too? Perfect! We would like to know more about you.

Which areas are flexika available in?

We need lots of talented people in a whole range of fields. In IT, in marketing, in human resources, in product management, etc., etc., etc. – so it goes without saying that we also offer flexikum in all of these areas. Looking for practical hands-on experience without having to extend the duration of your academic studies? Why not take a look through our world of jobs?

Apply now!

Experience your very own flexikum with Deutsche Telekom! It's just a click away. We look forward to receiving your application: www.telekom.com/jobsuche.

The flexikum at a glance

  • Unique voluntary internship model
  • Spend several months in a real-world job environment – without having to add an extra semester of leave or go over the regular period of study
  • You choose the number of hours to be worked during the Flexikum - the upper limit is 1,000 hours
  • You arrange a monthly allocation of hours between 55 and 130 hours
  • Maximum flexikum duration: 18 months respectively 1.000 hours
  • You receive a remuneration each month that depends on your arranged hours
  • Start building up a network of contacts now for starting your career later

Remuneration during your internship

No matter whether you are on a mandatory, voluntary or flexible internship – something remains constant: Your remuneration. It is based on your internship duration and is between 800 and 1.538 Euro.

Your internship remuneration at a glance

Your internship remuneration at a glance

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