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Flexible internships

The Flexiship – Customized insights

Don’t want to push yourself past your limits with a voluntary internship during your studies? We get it. Doing a flexible internship is a stress-free way to combine work and study as you can choose your hours. Perfect! Especially if you’re approaching the stressful exam season.

What can you expect from a flexible internship at Deutsche Telekom?

If you opt for a flexible internship, you will gain an in-depth insight into our company for a minimum of four and maximum of 18 months. We will mutually agree on an allocation of between 55 and 130 hours a month. You can fit the work in as and when you like in consultation with your team, so you won’t need to drop your standards during your studies.
During your time at the company, you will be able to fully focus on challenging projects in the fields of the Internet of Things, security testing or social media, so that you play a role in shaping our customers’ digital future.

Visionaries who think outside the box are welcome at Deutsche Telekom! No matter whether you are in the middle of your studies or have just completed your master’s degree, we are always on the look-out for talent to support us in IT, finance & controlling, marketing, and HR. What are we looking for as an employer? First and foremost, personality. We want students who think for themselves, as well as people with interesting experiences and new perspectives. After all, the diversity of our employees is one of the reasons for our success.

We know you know how to make coffee already. And how to use the printer. We don’t have to teach you this. We would rather give you responsibility in challenging projects, a valuable professional network, and an attractive wage of up to €1,627 when you join us on a flexible internship (figure correct as of 2020). And, while you’re here, offer you the chance to shape the future of digital with us.

Our interships
(gross remuneration per month)
Interships to maximum of 3 month
(min. 4 Weeks)
voluntary and mandatory internships
800 € (Bachelors-Degree/ preiod of transition between Bachelor and Master)
1.000 € (Masters-Degree)
Interships lasting longer than 3 month
voluntary and mandatory internships

1.383  (34h-Week)
1.545  (38h-Week)
1.627  (40h-Week)

4 to 18 month
(depends on your allocation of hours)
voluntary internships

515 € to 1.216 €
depends on your allocation of hours
(min. 55 hours/month until 130 hours/month)

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