You want it all: degree and job

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Make your dream come true with the cooperative master's degree in business information systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig. With Deutsche Telekom as a partner and attractive employer, you can shift into top gear by studying and working in tandem. Obtain your master's in five semesters with practice-based studies.

The university

Leipzig university teaches students the vital specialist knowledge and skills they need to plan and realize operational information systems. The focus is on innovative concepts and methods used in business information systems. Modules include, for example, enterprise information management, management of business information models, software engineering, and enterprise planning and decision support. With one to two compulsory modules in English, graduates will find working internationally a walk in the park.

The study program

At HfTL you gain your master's over five semesters, made up of four semesters of practice-based studies and eighth month for your thesis. You will spend six weeks in total each year on the HfTL campus, and "meet up" with your lecturers and fellow students once a week in the e-classroom.

The job

At Deutsche Telekom you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of information and telecommunications technology; a manifold business that sets technological trends. You will work full time on innovative and interesting IT projects and be given responsibilities right from the start. When you need to attend university, you are released from normal work. Show us your potential and work with us to take ICT forward. Vacancies for the cooperative master's degree in business information systems are available at various locations.

Your application

In addition to the necessary drive, you need to have graduated with a bachelor's degree in business information systems with 180 ETCS credits or a related subject. The study program begins every summer oder winter term. Project vacancies can be found in our Telekom world of jobs at by searching for "Dual master".

Apply now!

Apply now!