Go abroad with Telekom X-change

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We think globally and act locally. At Telekom, you have colleagues in approximately 50 countries around the globe.

Do you want to get to know them better? Their language, their way of thinking, their culture? We're glad to hear it - that means we're going places. You can only work well with each other if you know and understand one another. That's why, with our X-change program, we promote international staff exchanges. For three to six months, you have the opportunity to get to know what work is like in an international environment. After this, you'll have a clearer idea of the conditions in the national companies, and be able to propose change processes - at home and abroad. Exchange knowledge with your colleagues in the national company. Find out more about their processes and systems. Learn what makes the other culture special. Above all, make the most of your new knowledge. We are sure you'll come back with new ideas.