Why Telekom?

Why telekom?

Capture feelings. Share experiences. Exchange ideas. Connecting with other people is part of human nature. As one of the world's leading telecommunications and IT companies, we never stop working on our mission to bring people together, even if they're separated by thousands of kilometers. Our innovations pave the way for the digital future.

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At Telekom, you will contribute to innovations that define the digital world of tomorrow. As a digital pioneer, we set standards with new technology, smart solutions, and strong strategic partnerships.

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A collective spirit

At Telekom, you'll encounter a culture of collective action where everyone contributes to developing ideas. Each team features people with different personalities and skills, but they all possess customer focus, the bravery to think differently, a sense of personal responsibility, and the drive to work together to find the best solutions.

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The modern way to work

Working at Telekom, you will have the latest tools and technologies at your disposal. These let you pool your efforts with co-workers around the world and stay close to other people on your team no matter where they are.

News about the employer Telekom

Your choice

Doctor with laptop in hand on which a virtual human is pictured


Health at Deutsche Telekom – medical checks

3 weeks

Women is doing yoga


Work-life balance on a cooperative study program?

23 weeks

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Happiness doesn't come by itself

26 weeks

The application process and onboarding


The application process and onboarding – My...

28 weeks



Dual studies with eLearning? How it works.

36 weeks

Barbara Costanzo and her project team “Praktikum PLUS Direkteinstieg” are excited about the award.


Putting responsibility into practice with the Internship PLUS direct entry program

36 weeks

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