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This is what makes our IT experts tick.

Internal survey: Get to know our IT-Experts

Diverse staff  and a diverse study.

806 participants

We wanted to know what our IT and tech experts are interested in outside of their jobs; what drives them and which topics, interests, and hobbies are important to them. That is why we conducted an internal survey with over 800 IT employees  in five countries. 

806 participants, 22 questions, 5 countries: our study is as diverse as our IT colleagues. We really thought of everything: from A for “acroyoga, E for “e-sports,” K for “Klingon,” and Q for “quantum computers.” 

Fun fact: Not only did we ask our IT experts what topics they like to spend their time on, we also asked 600 IT experts outside Telekom about their favorite leisure activities. Here are the results.

Our IT experts love spending time with others.

61% would rather take their partner, best friend, or pet to a desert island than their “desert island escape kit.” Colleagues who like spending time with others can benefit from numerous employee networks within the company. The themes are as diverse as our colleagues. Be it our DeveLOVER network, fathers’ network, or the LGBTQI+ network Magenta Pride at Telekom everyone can #takepart.

What would you take to a desert island? 39% say: my desert island espace kit.

Is doing nothing...doing something?

4 out of 10 of our IT employees hate doing nothing , while just as many ask if doing nothing is, in fact, doing something.  

do you lige hafing nothing to do? 41% say: alternatively: is it really possible to do nothing?

The best thing about fantasy: nobody starts singing!

At least, that’s what 17% of all surveyed IT experts think. A third like a good story. Our colleague Ksenia loves fantasy so much, she even writes her own stories in her spare time. In the Interview, she tells us more about her passion.

what do you like about the fantasy genre? 17% say: when nobody starts singing!

tlhIngan Hol DaHaDrup’a’?*

We asked our IT experts if they like learning new things. Their answer: “Hija”, that’s Klingon for “Yes!” For those who love learning, we offer numerous opportunities for further development, from digital learning platforms to courses on programming languages or our internal community “LEX – Learning from experts”.

what would you like to learn? 8% say: klingon

Source codes are like chocolates: each one is special.

Some watch football, some look out the window, and some...look at source codes (like 30 % of our IT employees). More than half of those surveyed use their professional skills for projects that contribute to the greater good – like our colleague Patrick, who keeps his own bees. Read the whole interview with Patrick here.

besides work, i spend my time: 61% use their skills for purpose-driven projects

AI is the future but for some, it’s already part of everyday life.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) still seems a long way off for many, for us, it’s already here. We have developed an artificial intelligence system which has completed Beethoven’s unfinished 10th Symphony. Despite this virtuosic accomplishment, 28 % of surveyed IT professionals see AI as just a tool. 

50 % think AI is the future

For our IT experts, there’s no such thing as “fast enough.”

38 % like to drill down into the matter and find out everything, right down to the smallest detail; however, significantly more of our IT experts are fast types. The thing that unites them all: their intergalactic ability to work in both analog and virtual space and to solve challenges in a relatively short time.

62% of our IT experts prefer the speed of light to a quantum computer

Others surf the internet. We dive.

Even though we write algorithms ourselves, we still get taken in by them every now and again. Our IT experts don’t just spend their time online with scientific reports. More than half of them end up watching videos about hydraulic presses. This algorithm has nothing to do with us, by the way. 

52% end up watching videos about hydraulic presses on the internet.

Our IT employees like helping others make the right purchase.

For our colleagues, customer experience is not only a priority at work but at home, too. 71% of our IT experts love responding to customer satisfaction surveys, and a quarter of those surveyed enjoy writing product reviews. Worried about making a bad purchase? Worry no more!

How do you do something good for othe people: 21 % do something good by leaving online product reviews

37 % love the environment.

That’s why they travel by bike. More than a third of those surveyed only cycle when there’s no headwind. And 29% still don’t have a bike. To help them make the shift, Telekom employees  can use Swapfiets bikes at a discounted rate, lease a bike through their salary, or rent a bike for short work trips.

i like cycling: 28% say only when there`s no headwind

80% love sports, 11% wonder whether e-sports counts as well.

Most of our IT experts play sports to stay fit and healthy or for work-life balance. Automation Manager Matthias (nickname “Automatt”) does acroyoga, for example. At Telekom, we offer our employees free health check-ups and different fitness programs. And for those who also consider e-sports, we have just the right team: SK Gaming

for me, sport is: 11% say: hang on a moment ... does e-sport count?

Cliché or just plain truth?

The most common cliché about IT experts has been debunked by our survey: they don’t all play video games. Over half of those surveyed think this really is no more than a cliché. That said, we give all tech fans access to classic games online.

do it experts play video games? 22% say: a clichè i`, more than proud to live up to

A level up for our skills.

For IT experts, video games are much more than just a way of passing the time. Our colleagues told us that video games help them think and act strategically and come up with creative solutions more easily. 

what video games taught me about my job: 79% say: how to thin and act strategically

Our IT experts also give their all in their spare time.

Wow. Our IT employees really mean business. For many, friendships don’t end over money. They end over board games: 41% claim that board game nights also put friendships to the test. Although we honor their ambitions, things aren’t that competitive here: teamwork is all part of the game. 

on board game nights, friendships can be put to the test: Accroding to 41% of our IT experts.
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