Why CSP?

Why Center Strategic Projects?

Attractive employer: we want you to get ahead

You can reach your personal goals on many different paths – you decide which path to take. Our promise: Step by step, we prepare you for your successful future in consulting and Deutsche Telekom group. This entails individual mentoring, regular 360° feedback, as well as trainings. At CSP, your development is part of our mission.

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Management consulting is people business – a successful company like Deutsche Telekom needs the international top talents! Our mission – and our promise to you as a CSP consultant – is to prepare you for a responsible management position within the group, focusing on personal, practical and methodical skills. Daniel Eckmann
Head of the Center Strategic Projects
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Our colleagues are giving you an overview over the CSP, our practice structure and the recruiting process.

Personal development

Regardless of how much previous experience you bring to the table, the Center Strategic Projects offers you a steep learning curve when it comes to professional / personal skills and methodology. You will be continuously challenged and undergo a tremendous personal development in three different ways:

I. Development during everyday project work


While you receive valuable tips during training sessions, the real development happens during everyday project work. Therefore, we try to staff our consultants onto projects and roles where they can achieve their personal and professional development goals. We believe that we can learn a lot from each other and therefore attach great importance to regular 360° feedback.

We also believe that variation is important – That’s why, on average, our younger consultants spend no longer than six months on the same project. This means, new practical and methodological challenges, new customers, and new CSP teams every time. When things get cozy, it is time to move on…

II. Development via general development paths


Frequent trainings offer new impulses for professional development and personal reflection. Here, essential topics, relevant for all consultants are regularly offered to all.

Boot camp: This is the perfect beginners training for all new CSP consultants in order to learn basic CSP methods and to get to know the CSP consulting approach. This includes for instance the CSP delivery model, project scoping, problem solving, management communication and project management.

  • Academy Friday: These are workshops conducted by co-workers or guest speakers that deal with topics such as strategy, lean management, benchmarking, business cases, agile processes, management communication, target operating models etc.
  • Center Excellence Program: This is an external training which is provided to each consultant during their career and is designed to develop management personalities. Modules for each career level are specifically designed for CSP and build upon each other.

III. Development via individual training sessions


Each consultant has individual preferences and goals. Therefore, consultants are given an individual training budget which can be used for personal trainings. There are numerous options – in the past, co-workers used their budget for things including special mediation trainings, coaching certificates, process management trainings, and visits to fairs and congresses.

Strategic projects: examples

Our project portfolio is primarily focused on the COO’s transformation agenda of Deutsche Telekom AG. This agenda points out the strategically most relevant topics of our executive board. They expect us to make a significant impact by shaping strategic and contextual elements in the interest of the group. To give you an impression of the offered variety of topics, you will find selected project testimonials below.

Interesting key areas: CSP business practices 

In terms of its structure, the Center Strategic Projects reflects the business divisions at Deutsche Telekom and follows a consistent approach. In line with the functional structure of Deutsche Telekom, we are divided into five business practices. As a result, we know our customers' business and culture and can provide specific support for our colleagues. Each of our consultants is assigned to a set business practice. Each business practice is managed by one of our Partners.

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Aim of the practice Digitalization & IT

“In order to offer our customers a first-class experience, our mission is to form a strategical, company-wide vision of Business Processes and IT. As part of our team, you have the chance to create measurable added value for our more than 140 million customers throughout the world”. 

What can you expect?

Our mission is to “translate” the strategy of Deutsche Telekom into a common mission for customer-friendly, highly-automated business processes. IT can help to achieve this goal in two ways: 1. as an innovator for radical changes of the way we do business and 2.  as an efficiency driver for the existing business model. We as a team are helping to improve selected processes, organizational structures, or IT architecture by setting up, overseeing and advising of projects. Here, a major challenge is to maintain the balance between an ambitious vision and an implementation that is suitable for us. Through our broad base of experiences, our team learned how to maintain this balance.

Together with team members from other CSP practices, we work on challenging projects with top management stakeholders. You can expect deep and exciting insights into a rapidly changing telecommunications sector which we help to shape through our work. Also, CSP provides excellent opportunities for the personal development during our professional careers.

Aim of the practice Markets&Innovation

“Only innovative companies can succeed in the long run – that is why Telekom is picking up the pace by bringing new services and products onto the market at an ever increasing speed. The practice Markets & Innovation at CSP is an important trendsetter.” What can you expect? In the future, Deutsche Telekom seeks to achieve a significant share of its growth through innovations that is either fueled by internal ideas or through collaborations with partners. One of the driving forces here is our practice Markets & Innovation at CSP. Our strategy:  Driving innovative business models to further increase the attractivity of our company. Together with Telekom's innovation departments, we determine the strategic orientation, develop and implement group-wide go-to-market approaches, and set standardized methods for introducing innovations. 

Do you enjoying speeding things up?

So do we – our innovations need to be ready to go-to-market at an ever increasing speed. Additionally, as a member of our team you will also get to know our corporate governance structures and refine responsibilities for our group-wide innovation business. Who works for us? Our future co-workers need to be familiar with the new markets: A sound knowledge of innovation management and expertise in building new business areas in high-tech and telecommunications markets is essential for our practice Markets & Innovation. 

Our team members at the CSP have in-depth marketing know-how, especially when it comes to marketing strategies, go-to-market planning, and 4Ps (product, place, price, promotion). Good to know, our practice Markets & Innovation is an interdisciplinary team. If you want to be creative and innovative, you are welcome to join us. 

Aim of the Organization & HR business practice

“Our group is changing and becoming more dynamic and efficient. The organizational challenges associated with this transformation are one key aspect to the team of the Organization & HR business practice at CSP.” What can you expect? Changing technology, market dynamics, regulatory pressure: Besides Deutsche Telekom, hardly any other company is confronted with such a variety of major challenges for the organization and its personnel. Therefore, the team of the Organization & HR business practice at CSP has one objective: with entrepreneurial vision and social responsibility, we increase the group’s dynamics and efficiency. Are you interested? Would you like to join us in developing intelligent solutions? Do you want to plan and implement complex transformations? 

Do you value a motivating work environment that promotes performance and responsibility as much as we do? 

In our Organization & HR business practice, you will come across the following topics: spin-offs, reorganization, mergers, strategic personnel restructuring. We want to convert our group headquarters into an effective steering instrument. We are always on board when it comes to large Telekom efficiency programs such as “Save for Service”. Our company has recently undergone massive reorganization: The mobile and fixed network divisions have been merged and our IT functions were restructured – in both cases we supported as experts in organizational and HR management. Who works for us? Our Organization & HR business practice consists of experts for organizational development and design. Our team is well versed in strategic HR management and has a wealth of practical implementation experiences. If you have a modern understanding of effective change management and a creative mind, you will fit in well. 

Good to know, your future team comes from a variety of educational backgrounds. Economists, industrial and organizational psychologists, and lawyers, along with humanities graduates work for us. We believe that creating the right blend is important because it ensures a diversity of perspectives.

Aim of the Value & Efficiency business practice

“Increasing corporate efficiency: the Value & Efficiency business practice at Center Strategic Projects (CSP) strives to increase the value of the group and employs specialists for efficiency programs. Does that sound like you? If it does, you should definitely apply.” What can you expect with us? The most important aim of our Value & Efficiency business practice at the Center for Strategic Projects (CSP) can be summed up quickly: we want to increase the value of the group in a sustainable manner by reducing costs. We want to increase profits and efficiency. That is why we analyze the group’s financial value drivers and develop strategic efficiency programs. Naturally, we are involved in implementing these programs, too. These can be group-wide transformation programs or assignments focusing on a specific area. The great advantage of our Value & Efficiency business practice is that we are close to the action and know the company, the market, and the global perspective. In our Value & Efficiency business practice, you will work on the various cost reduction and efficiency programs that we create individually for all group segments and units in Germany and abroad. For example, at T-Systems we recently developed a master plan and restructured its national companies in the UK and France. Our Save-for-Service (S4S) programs are another example. Who works for us? Our employees are experts for efficiency programs and restructuring. 

Who are our ideal candidates? 

As a future employee at the Center Strategic Projects, you should be keen on financial analysis, benchmarking, efficiency program management or strategic controlling. Our approach is led by our wish to help our customers – i.e. all Telekom divisions – to become independently successful. That is why we implement lean management there for example. We believe that sustainable value growth can only be achieved with an integrated approach. 

Aim of the practice Technology & Strategy 

Tests confirm it time and time again: Telekom offers its customers the best network. Accolades like this drive on our Technology & Strategy practice at Center Strategic Projects – because we want to stay at the top. And we are committed to this: together with Telekom's divisions, we are bringing optical fiber ever closer to customers and driving forward new production models. However, networks need to become more and more powerful because data traffic and the number of connected devices on the Internet are growing rapidly. Telekom is also transforming its network. The Technology & Strategy practice is helping to prepare the group for the challenges ahead. Our colleagues support the necessary transformation processes, combining an affinity for technology, an understanding of business management and the ability to solve complex problems. For example, we are helping to shape the nationwide development of optical fiber technology in Germany, developing intercontinental networks and Internet of Things solutions, establishing units for big data and switching to IP telephony at our national companies in Europe. Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application!

Who works for us?

Anyone with technical knowledge and an affinity for technology, solid market know-how and an understanding of the economic context can work with us to drive forward the development and transformation of Telekom’s network infrastructure. That is why we at the Technology & Strategy practice work in an interdisciplinary team – your future colleagues are engineers and physicists along with economists.

Meet the Center Strategic Projects' backbone: the Business Administration team takes on operational and administrative tasks to reduce the burden of our consultants

We are always there when our CSP colleagues need support: the Business Administration (BA) team acts as CSP’s internal service unit. We see ourselves as a service provider for all employees at the center. Our BA team is responsible for all operational and administrative tasks. In short, we are the ones steering operations at CSP. For example, we come up with personnel development concepts for employees, organize the back office, take care of the IT and telecommunications infrastructures for CSP consultants and draft contracts with external partners.

Who works in the Business Administration team?

Our team at the Center Strategic Projects consists of eight employees and two trainees. They span all age groups. Our employees are experts in the following areas: technical infrastructure, support and control, recruiting, project support and portfolio management, research, training and finance.


Franz Rudolf Walscheid

Head of Business Administration

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