Nikola Brebić

Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

He is not only saving lives. But also delivers on time.

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Nikola, how did you first discover your passion for mountain rescuing and what do you do exactly as mountain rescuer?

I’ve been really into sports since my childhood, I love skiing, climbing/mountaineering, ice hockey windsurfing, diving, and cycling. I was national champion in free climbing. I also realized pretty early on that I’m a reliable person that one can lean on. That led me to apply as a volunteer to the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS) in 1998. At CMRS, I am a helicopter rescuer and avalanche rescue expert. I hold the position of Deputy Head of the Zagreb CMRS Station and Head of the CMRS Ski and Avalanche Commission.

It sounds attractive, but behind it is a need for serious physical and mental fitness as well as the ability to manage stress.

How can you maintain a good balance between your work and hobby?

I’m also a family man with three sons and an amazing wife who is an architect. I would say it’s more of a challenge to balance private and rescuer life.

I work in the Business Customers area, on business development and commercialization of new and advanced ICT solutions with large corporate users and partners. The job is not about sitting in front of a laptop from 9-5 but deliveringexcellent results.

The sporting state of mind, as well as the one of a rescuer who is responsible for himself and his team, is an integral part of my business life; this spirit helps me stay focused and disciplined.