Our application processes & application tips

Our application processes & application tips

Want to be part of our team and help us shape the digital future?
We will make the first step a little easier, providing you with useful application tips and showing you how each step of the application process works.

The application process for an apprenticeship or dual course of study at a glance.

The chart shows the process of the application process when applying for an apprenticeship or dual studies.

The application process for an internship or Flexikum.

The chart shows the process of the application process when applying for an internship or Flexikum.

The application process for our trainee program at a glance.

The chart shows the process of the application process when applying for the trainee program.

First-hand application advice

Our recruiter Anja Elsner has insider information just for you and is on hand to provide you with valuable advice on how to create a successful application.

Your application is made up of three elements: a covering letter, a CV and certificates/references.

Covering letter
A covering letter is mandatory for school pupils, students and graduates. It's important to be clear and concise — your covering letter should not take up more than one page (A4). As a recruiter, I want to know such things as why you are interested in working for Deutsche Telekom. Please tell us about your aims and ambitions. In particular, I want to know what practical experience you have which qualifies you for this role. Always refer to the advertised vacancy.
Be specific. It's the quickest way for us to work out if you are right for the vacancy advertised. I always like covering letters to tell me about you as a person, what makes you tick, with a particular emphasis on your strengths. Correct spelling and grammar are also important.

Your CV should have an obvious structure. In other words: Less is more! Mention as many points as possible that are relevant to the respective job. As a recruiter, I am particularly interested in anything on your CV that sets you apart from other applicants. Remember to link your strengths or know-how to the job requirements. Your CV should contain further details, such as what exactly you did in your internship, and what your responsibilities were. My tip, especially for anyone just starting out on a career, is to remember to include information on any volunteer work you do. Volunteering gives you skills that others don't yet have, such as a strong sense of responsibility. The standard CV format is arranged as follows: Personal details, education with specialist subjects and grades, followed by work experience. This isn't a strict requirement, though, so you may choose to do it differently. And what to do if you run out of room? Use links and refer to your Xing or LinkedIn profiles, for example.

References and certificates
Please only include references and certificates that are relevant to the job. Details of additional qualifications are welcome, provided they are useful for the job itself. What we do like to see is evidence of internships, foreign placements giving the exact dates, and language courses.

A photograph might gain you brownie points but is not essential. Please remember that it must look professional. For the best results, talk to your local photo studio. Your friends can also help you choose the perfect picture. Don't be afraid to play with colors and design elements in your application dossier. If you are a unique applicant, your application should reflect that! We welcome lateral thinkers and creative minds.

You will find our job search facility at www.telekom.com/jobsuche. If you already have your application documents ready (ideally in pdf format), on average it will only take ten minutes to submit your online application. We want to get to know you better, and for this reason, some job advertisements request specific details of what you as an applicant can bring to the job. How do you intend to contribute to Deutsche Telekom's success? Allow yourself plenty of time to answer our questions. You can save your online application at any time and go back to it later on.

Have you collated all the documents you need? Covering letter, certificates/references and CV? Great, you can send everything electronically directly to us. We recommend uploading your documents individually into your applicant profile as pdf files. Other common formats such as -doc, -jpg, -rtf, -png or TXT files are also supported. Please note that your files should not exceed a maximum of 5 MB each. And, incidentally, if you run into difficulties with your online application, why not use our Telekom Careers Online Chat facility, and we will be happy to guide you through it.

Finally, please double-check all the information you have provided, and click on "Apply" to submit your application to us. Your applicant profile is automatically saved for information purposes and can be reused in any future applications. However, please note that once an application has been submitted online, you are no longer able to make any changes to it.

As soon as we receive your application, you will get a confirmation of receipt. Check your applicant account regularly to track its progress. You can, of course, withdraw your application at any time.

You are also most welcome to use our information chart, for step-by-step guidance through our online application process.
Get started at: www.telekom.com/jobsearch!

As soon as we receive your application, you will get a confirmation of receipt. The first thing we do is check whether your profile matches the job. This first selection round usually takes up to four weeks. If you're not right for the job, we send you an e-mail right away letting you know. We strongly recommend that you make your applicant profile available to our recruitment team, so that we can contact you if other suitable vacancies arise. If you are successful in the pre-selection round, we will send you an e-mail with your interview appointment.

Different applicant groups, different processing times

For experienced applicants and college-leavers (direct entry): The duration of the selection process is largely determined by how easy it is to schedule an appointment with the relevant department. We look forward to meeting you.

For our Start up! program: Within around two weeks, you will hear whether or not you have been selected to take part in an assessment center. Your performance there determines whether you are subsequently invited to an interview. At every stage of the process, candidates are informed straight away whether or not they have been successful. The Start up! recruitment process takes a maximum of eight to ten weeks from start to finish.

For an internship: Students are invited to interview within around a week. You will be notified of our final decision after a further two weeks.

Congratulations! Your application fitted the bill. We believe that your talent and your skills could help take Deutsche Telekom forward. Now we are looking forward to getting to know you. Please just be yourself at the interview. Don’t worry: Recruiters are people too! We know that you are nervous, which is why we don't put a tick or a cross next to every answer. What counts is the overall impression.

Preparation is key
A well-prepared applicant is more relaxed. And it starts with your choice of clothes. Think about which outfit matches the job. Don't dress too casually. A suit with a shirt or blouse is always a safe choice if you're not sure. More important still: Be well-prepared. Your prospective team will want to know what projects you have worked on. At a job interview, you will usually meet your potential future boss and a member of our recruitment team. Mentally prepare some examples of interesting work from your studies or past projects that you can refer to. Perhaps you have taken on special responsibilities in your voluntary work. These are the things we are interested in so take time beforehand to think about how best to present your previous experience in a way that is understandable and arouses our interest.

The interview is an opportunity for both sides to get to know one another better. Tell us why you and your strengths are right for the job - and how you deal with your weaknesses. What makes you tick? What special know-how can you bring to the table? The interview is your chance to convince us. Are you a real lateral thinker? Then prove it! We are looking for personalities, not degrees.

And we particularly look forward to satisfying your curiosity about our company. My advice is to spend some time exploring our website. After all, the interview is also about you getting to know us and whether you and our company are a good match.

After the interview, we will usually be in touch within around two weeks. If the decision is positive, we give you some time to think it over. Then it's up to you whether or not we will be welcoming you through our doors in the near future. If both parties are agreed, the last step is a meeting (either in person or over the telephone) to sort out the contractual details. This process will be completed within five weeks at the latest. Provided all the necessary documentation has been submitted (personnel questionnaire etc.), you will receive your contract of employment by regular mail.

I wish you every success - good luck!


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