Our vision of a digital future is what unites us!

Keeping feelings alive. Exchanging experiences. Sharing ideas. The need to interact is human nature. As one of the world's leading companies for communications and information technology, we work constantly on our mission of bringing people together – over thousands of kilometres and beyond. 

Our innovations here are at the cutting edge of a digital future and emerge in a work environment in which sharing ideas is a top priority –making possible what seemed to be impossible. To move global interconnectedness forwards, we use the best tools and technologies, learn constantly, and grow with the challenges we face. 

Such an inspirational work environment enables us to produce the exceptional. Furthermore, we know that our work is more than delivering practical technological advancement; by connecting people from all over the world we are also helping to shape tomorrow’s society.

Deutsche Telekom. Shaping the digital world to bring people closer together.

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Our Guiding Principles

People working together

What you should know about Telekom

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Women & Work

Telekom wants to attract more women to its workforce and is developing various models that are particularly appealing as they offer women more autonomy to structure their time to suit them.

We stand for diversity in cultures, talents, and conceptions

We are creating a culture of integrity, respect and tolerance for personal abilities and lifestyles and thus laying the foundation for successful collaboration. Read on to find out more about what we are working on in the area of diversity.