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Your development opportunities as a leader

Do you lead the way and have the courage to break new ground? Are you a visionary, do you shoulder responsibility and can you win over others with your personality? Then join us shaping the digital world of tomorrow and bringing people closer together.

Individual opportunities for leaders

We provide key players with personal and professional development opportunities and specifically target the individual strengths of each employee, regardless of whether you want to make the first step towards leadership or see progression in your executive role.

Our Leadership Anchors (pdf, 579.4 KB)provide a clear view on how we understand and shape leadership. Living the Leadership Anchors means bringing the Guiding Principles as a leader into practice. All 6 anchors are relevant for leaders at Telekom, yet focus and emphasize of leadership behavior depend on the situation. They give our leaders guidance and orientation on how we want to work. 

  • Delight our customers
    I provide a thought leadership through a compelling vision,with the customer attheheart.
  • Get things done
    I am courageous and I take risks to disrupt.
  • Act with respect and integrity
    I am accountable for the good of our people and our company.
  • Team together – Team apart
    I create and empower diverse teams and partnership.
  • I am T – count on me
    I give and gain trust by being authentic and emphatic.
  • Stay curious and grow
    I grow myself and others, support potential and balance persistance and adaptability.


The Leadership Anchors build on our Guiding Principles and are the basis for our understanding of leading a team.

Are you motivated and talented? Do you set the bar high? We are offering top-performing junior employees the chance to shoulder more responsibility and train to be a leader. You can choose between a variety of learning modules that you can tailor to your choice of future job and thus forge your very own path for development. In so doing, you will benefit from consultations with experienced leaders, make valuable contacts with others on your course, and expand your professional network. This is an ideal way to prepare you for your first managerial job.

Workplaces are changing: Digitalization and mobile work are just two of the many buzzwords floating around today. Changes are of course being made in management too, and leaders need to face up to this revolution. Alongside our training catalog with how-to guides on numerous management tools and techniques, we have our very own leadership app for you to use. From training videos to documentation right through to studies and articles on topics such as staff retention, you will find a broad range of content here, which you can use to progress with your training at your own pace.

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