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Obtain a tasty barbecue recipe using a digital voice assistant, order the ingredients from the retailer right away, and then drive the car-sharing vehicle you reserved by smartphone to the supermarket to pick up everything for the barbecue party.

Symbol image Digital retail

Supported by big data, successful retailers know the same evening what their customers want to buy the day after tomorrow.

When you get there, you can find personalized information on the craft beer on offer at the entrance thanks to the hot spot there. Thanks to IoT technology at the shelf, you can then call not only the exclusive price for the beer using your customer card, but also request advice from an assistant using the touchscreen. Or decide with a click to have the crate of beer delivered to your home. That’s digital shopping!

Digital business models are conquering the market

Brick-and-mortar retailers have long begun to feel the new competition from the (at present) far more agile digital world. Telekom customers can now use smart solutions to link their online and offline channels and likewise create a genuine shopping experience. At CeBIT, you can see how an IoT shelf supplies in-depth information on whether the beer on offer is a fast seller and how many customers reacted to the personalized promotion played to them for it. Supported by big data, successful retailers know the same evening what their customers want to buy the day after tomorrow.

Freshness check with high tech

The solutions on show in Hanover enable retailers to keep existing customer loyal and also win over new ones. Another element in that is the showcase being presented at CeBIT with the SCiO spectrometer. It gives shop operators a simple means of indicating the freshness of the vegetables on offer or providing reliable information on which fruit is ripe. Visitors to the trade show can also learn how the online retailer Novum delivers fresh fruit and vegetables at a click or how a digital checkout solution really creates added value for small retailers.

Optimized processes

At CeBIT you can experience how rapidly highly promising new business models can be developed and your stores can be connected to the Internet of Things. And how to launch cross-channel marketing campaigns that inspire customers. As a result, retailers increase their revenue and optimize their processes so as to deliver a genuine shopping experience.

Deutsche Telekom at CeBIT

We are presenting that and more at this year’s CeBIT under the slogan “Experience the Digital Transformation.” We look forward to seeing you there at booth C38 in hall 4 from March 20 to 24.