Future on the road

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Deutsche Telekom's future lab goes on the road: In July and August, T City is heading to Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig and Düsseldorf.

Many citizens and local authorities are interested in the energy revolution, telemedicine, care for the elderly, traffic control and electronic citizens' services such as De-Mail. For this reason, Deutsche Telekom in conjunction with the future lab T-City Friedrichshafen is holding information days in Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig and Düsseldorf on July 12 and 14 and August 9, respectively. The events offer a great opportunity to find out about a huge range of topical issues in one place. In addition to intelligent networks in the healthcare and energy sectors, Deutsche Telekom will also present solutions at all three locations for media and the connected home as well as projects from T-City .

Intelligent networks The events will showcase the latest developments in telemedicine and tenant service under the motto "Calling the caretaker with one touch”. They will also present and discuss “intelligent networks for the energy revolution” and how easy-to-use apps can improve mobility. Sneak peek through the curtains There will also be all kinds of information about how the smart home will provide even greater comfort, by controlling heating, lighting and shutters, or the electronic citizens' services with De-Mail , online nursery and the speed-dial number for the authorities, "115". Last but not least, online shopping is also the order of the day, with a close look at the online kiosk and library "PagePlace". Looking ahead Afterwards, visitors can look forward to an exciting podium discussion. Right across Germany, cities and communities are looking for ways to adapt to an increasingly ageing society with many chronically ill patients. Citizens also want to know how long they can stay in their own homes as they grow older. The subject of the discussion is "Intelligent healthcare network - maintaining independence in old-age". Specialists and experts will discuss whether the home can provide an alternative to care homes in the future.