hub:raum Krakow selects startups at WARP 3

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The Deutsche Telekom incubator for Southern and Eastern Europe, hub:raum Krakow, has completed its third turbo accelerator. Dubbed #WARP3, the program puts select startups through an intense week-long mentoring and co-working program.

[fotoshow] Eight days of concentrated mentoring sessions and collaboration with the hub:raum team culminated in two days of selling. Demo Day saw the 11 startups from 9 countries across Europe hold 5-minute pitches to convince the audience and jury of their ideas. The 32-member jury consisted of experts from Deutsche Telekom and its national companies; the mentors who supported the startups over the course of the week and other external partners. The startups were graded by the jury based on criteria including the experience in their respective teams, market potential, how far they are in terms of business development and the quality of their pitches.

“I am proud of how far the startups have all come,” said Jakub Probola, Head of hub:raum Krakow, in his opening speech. “They all have the potential to work with Deutsche Telekom and we spent the week working with them to find out how they can develop and find the angle to work with DT.”

A closer look for the national companies Demo Day was followed by DT Day, where the startups met with experts from the national companies. In these meetings, they had the chance to make more detailed pitches so the individual national companies can decide if and how they would like to work with them in the future. The selection criteria are based primarily on how the startups’ ideas and solutions fit into the overall DT strategy.

So far, 36 startups have come through the three WARP turbo accelerators over the last year. Three of them have already entered into closer relationships with Deutsche Telekom: Omnipaste, a startup from Romania, has prepared its device synchronization technology and is ready to hit the market. Tail, from Poland, is testing its health measurement device for dogs and will begin manufacturing early next year. The third, EcoisMe from Ukraine, is finishing its prototype home appliance sensor in hub:raum Krakow.