Joyn: Show. Tell. Be a part of it.

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Deutsche Telekom launched the communication platform Joyn at CeBIT. The service is now available for all iPhone users.

Board Member for Germany Niek Jan van Damme has no doubt that the messaging service will be a success. “Joyn is particularly easy to use. I’m glad that we can now offer our customers this service as a beta version and continue developing the messaging standard of the future,” he said.

What Joyn does Joyn’s group chat function allows up to 20 participants to communicate with each other and send messages of up to 1,000 characters. The same application makes it possible to switch on your camera during a conversation and start sending photos or transferring live video. This means friends and family can share what they’re doing at any given moment, even across different networks.

The data sent will not be deducted from the volume of data permitted by the user’s tariff, and bandwidth will remain unrestricted – unlike with other messaging services. Another advantage of Joyn compared to competitors’ services is that the smartphone address book remains stored locally on the device and no copy will be uploaded and saved onto a global server. Users can rest assured that their own data and that of their friends will not be used for advertizing purposes or passed on to third parties. This makes Joyn an attractive and extremely secure alternative to services like WhatsApp. The service can be loaded onto an iPhone or Android cell phone as an app simply and free of charge.

Across networks and on all types of devices Going forward, Deutsche Telekom will pre-install Joyn on several of the Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones in its product range. Customers can test the service at no additional cost during the promotional phase that runs until the end of August 2013.