T-Gallery – Showing a brighter future

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The T-Gallery, located at Group Headquarters in Bonn, is Deutsche Telekom's "future forum".

It ushers visitors into a world of tomorrow, a world in which Deutsche Telekom's vision of "connected life and work" comes to life. Its exhibits, covering more than 100 different topics, highlight future products and solutions for home, mobile and workplace environments.

Why the T-Gallery?
The whole point of the T-Gallery is to showcase products and solutions that could soon be helping us navigate our increasingly complex and connected world – and offering unprecedented user power and convenience in the process. The T-Gallery also highlights the sustainability, energy efficiency and "greenness" of products, services and networks, and it explores energy, health, education and security issues.

A place for cutting-edge collaboration
The T-Gallery exhibits are created by Group experts from product and innovation development as well as by international partners. Thus, the T-Gallery format provides a productive framework for Deutsche Telekom's collaboration with a diverse range of customers, partners, scientists and experts. Such collaboration accelerates the pace of innovation, and the T-Gallery's role in it has made the T-Gallery a Group-wide beacon.