Telekom Design: We design simplicity

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Creating values with design

Our world is increasingly becoming more connected, but also more complex. This is why people are looking for solutions that simplify their lives. At Telekom Design, we put people's needs at the heart of everything we do. We develop relevant products and services that create sustainable value for our customers and our company.

Philipp Thesen, SVP Telekom Design

"Design is a way of working. At Deutsche Telekom, this is not only a task for designers. We are working on driving design skills throughout the entire Group. Because design is the means for the best customer experience."

Philipp Thesen, SVP Telekom Design

Strategic Design for the Digital Transformation

Design means a lot more apart from making  "attractive" products. Good design adds value to a company and its products. It is the strategic approach with which we design relevant products and experiences that fulfill the needs of our customers. Our aim is to further develop the strategic design skills of our colleagues for the successful digital transformation of our company.

From Design Thinking to Design Doing

A consistent brand experience can only be achieved through transdisciplinary and cross-functional cooperation. In order to support and actively contribute to shaping this work culture we established the Telekom Design Academy.

The Design Academy introduces Design Thinking methods and tools. We invite our colleagues to familiarize themselves with methods and tools of Design Thinking and apply them. In practical workshops, our colleagues get to know how Design Thinking helps us to make our projects and processes more efficient.

All Telekom relevant methods, tools, and approaches have been summarized in the useful ‘Toolbox’.

Hardware and software products

We design software and hardware products that sustainably enrich and simplify the lives of our customers, from service-apps over hardware products to complete product ecosystems.

The Corporate Strategy Becomes Tangible

At the Telekom Design Gallery, we provide a space for the future. The visitors immerse into the digital and connected world of the future and interactively discover how customer centric design enriches life. The Telekom Design Gallery also serves an important platform connecting partners, customers, and colleagues from all areas.

Young people in dialogue

We encourage dialogue: what does the future look like in a sensibly connected future?

The Role of Design at Deutsche Telekom

Design has taken a crucial role in leading companies: Design Thinking drives creative cooperation and is the foundation for integrated customer experience development. Our work is based on three pillars: Design for Innovation, Design for Differentiation, Design for Consistency.

Hands wearing a smartwatch design

How a brand is perceived is more and more determined by customer experience and is one of the most important factors for differentiation between competitors. Good user experience supports customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.