Media events MWC 2017

The next events in detail.

02-27-2017 - 02-27-2017

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Cooperation with SKT Hub

MWC 2017


In this session, we will present four successful projects of the cooperation of Deutsche Telekom with SK Telecom. We will tell you how we tackled the Future of Cloud TV and Cloud UI technology together as well as how we jointly developed a solution for predictive maintenance. We will also present the status quo of the ngena global partner extension and platform rollout announced at last year’s MWC.

02-27-2017 - 02-27-2017

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Inflight Internet

MWC 2017

Inflight connectivity tailor-made for the European airspace.


Based on our mission to become the leading European Telco we deliver future-proof technology and enable LTE to take off. The European Aviation Network is the world’s first integrated satellite and complementary LTE-based ground network that will bring unprecedented passenger connectivity. We transform our technology leadership into a first-class customer experience, accompanying  and connecting our customers throughout their entire journey.

02-27-2017 - 02-27-2017

01:00 PM - 01:30 PM

Internet of Things

MWC 2017

Symbolbild Vernetzung

With its promises of considerably improved efficiency and lower costs, the Internet of Things (IoT) is currently the hottest technology topic in the industry. Real-time services are in demand, particularly in the logistics sector. Stefan Gubi, T-Systems Senior Vice President Cross Industries, Sanjay Sharma, CEO of Silicon Valley IoT company Roambee, and Jürgen Hase, CEO of IoT Business at Reliance, will take the Telekom stage at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to talk about how the logistics sector has changed in the digital age, as well as the opportunities and challenges it faces. They will  also be discussing the recently launched partnership of T-Systems and Roambee and demonstrate how Roambee’s smart logistics and asset monitoring solution helps companies to overcome logistic challenges.

02-27-2017 - 02-27-2017

02:00 PM - 03:30 PM

Deutsche Telekom Press Conference

MWC 2017


The official press conference of Deutsche Telekom at the Mobile World Congress 2017 will take place at 2 pm on Monday, February 27 at the Deutsche Telekom Stand (Fira Gran Via, hall 3, booth 3M31). Deutsche Telekom speakers will give an update regarding the European network strategy of Deutsche Telekom.

We look forward to welcoming you there!

02-27-2017 - 02-27-2017

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net Partner Session

MWC 2017


Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net is an international company founded and based in Bratislava, Slovakia. It designs, operates and steers the joint pan-European network ("Pan-Net") of Deutsche Telekom. Pan-Net represents a revolutionary cross-border and cloud-based telecommunication production of the future. The session is aimed at existing and future partners and suppliers of Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net, offering the opportunity to meet the company’s decision makers and to see how the company envisions future collaboration with partners and suppliers in Europe. We will talk about the business transformation, the principles of a pan-European production model and the implications for the collaboration with vendors.

02-28-2017 - 02-28-2017

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


MWC 2017


Judit Andrasi immmr CEO and Norbert Richard Meinike, VP Marketing will present how immmr is rebooting voice communication - immmr virtualizes the mobile number to do calls to anyone from any device, even from multiple numbers...

02-28-2017 - 02-28-2017

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

NGMN Press Conference

MWC 2017

We would like to invite you to the NGMN Press and Industry Briefing taking place at the Deutsche Telekom booth (Hall3 – 3M31) on Tuesday, February 28th from 11:00 – 12:00.


In the last months, considerable progress has been made in 5G definition and standardisation. However, significant challenges remain on the way to successful 5G development and there are ambitious milestones ahead of us. At the Press and Industry Briefing at MWC, NGMN Board Executives will reveal to the audience new key activities of the NGMN work-programme. They will outline guidelines and business considerations to address the upcoming challenges and to reach our envisaged 5G service and performance objectives.

The briefing will start with welcome speeches given by Bruno Jacobfeuerborn as our host and Johan Wibergh as our Chairman. Board members representing NGMN’s key activities as well as the regions Asia, Europe and Americas serve as panellists at an extensive Q&A session moderated by

Peter Meissner, NGMN, CEO

The confirmed NGMN Board member participants are:

  • Johan Wibergh  (Group CTO, Vodafone and NGMN Chairman of the Board)
  • Bruno Jacobfeuerborn  (CTO, Deutsche Telekom)
  • Liu Guangyi  (CTO of Wireless Department, China Mobile)
  • Alain Maloberti  (SVP, Orange Lab Networks, Orange)
  • Seong-Mok Oh  (President and Head of NW Group, KT)
  • Jin-Hyo Park  (SVP, Head of Network Technology R&D Center, SK Telecom)
  • Vijay Perumbeti  (AVP, Standards and Industry Alliances, AT&T)

In addition, further Board Directors will join the audience together with top management representatives of NGMN industry and research partners as well as international analysts and press representatives.

We look forward to seeing you at the NGMN Press and Industry Briefing.

02-28-2017 - 02-28-2017

12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

XRAN Press Conference

MWC 2017


The xRAN Foundation is a consortium dedicated to promoting a software-based, extensible Radio Access Network (xRAN) and to standardizing critical elements of the xRAN architecture. Deutsche Telekom, a founding member of the xRAN initiative, is hosting this event to inform press and industry players more about xRAN, its objectives and why operators around the world have joined in this effort. The 30 minute event will feature an introduction and panel discussion involving representatives from industry leading carriers Deutsche Telekom, AT&T and SK Telecom, as well as Intel Corporation and Stanford University.

02-28-2017 - 02-28-2017

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM


MWC 2017


If your car could talk, what would it say? The DT partnering unit and Mojio invite to join the partnering hub on “How platforms and partnerships are driving the future of connected cars and personal transportation.“

This event will be comprised of several short talks from DT executives and Mojio, as well as a panel discussion focused on future innovations within the connected car space and the importance of partnerships in building out the ecosystem.

During this event, DT and Mojio give interesting insights into the successful 360° rollout of their connected car proposition and will announce further next big steps.


  • Claudia Nemat, Board member for Technology and Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
  • Kenny Hawk, CEO at Mojio
  • Milan Vasina, CEO at  T-Mobile Czech Republic
  • Anette Bronder, MD Digital Division T-Systems
  • Thomas Kicker, VP Business Development and Partnering at Deutsche Telekom AG
  • and more

02-28-2017 - 02-28-2017

03:30 PM - 05:30 PM


MWC 2017

Image Security

Magenta Security is Deutsche Telekom’s answer to the rapidly growing number of attacks through the Internet. We provide to our customers from global enterprises through SMBs to private users a portfolio of easy-to-use, best-of-breed security solutions to protect their digital assets from assault, espionage and data theft. In the Security Hub Dirk Backofen, Business Leader Telekom Security, will introduce the Magenta Security portfolio together with partners from our  eco system.”

02-28-2017 - 02-28-2017

06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Share Club hub:raum

MWC 2017

Logo hub:raum

As incubator of Deutsche Telekom, hub:raum invests in early-stage startups, that have a strategic fit to Deutsche Telekom’s business. Besides the investment activities, hub:raum offers various programs and formats that aim to create business opportunites between the startup eco-system and Deutsche Telekom. During this shareclub we want to share with you success stories of hub:raum startups working with Deutsche Telekom. You can expect the factory worker of the future, a real smarty city parking solution, a technology that minimizes data without losing any information, and much more. #startupsandcorporations

03-01-2017 - 03-01-2017

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Narrow Band IoT Prototyping

MWC 2017


NarrowBand IoT is the game changer for the mass market of Internet of Things applications. To stimulate this development Deutsche Telekom has started the NB-IoT Prototyping Hub. The NB- IoT Prototyping Hub accelerates the market penetration of NarrowBand IoT Use Cases and bridges markets, customers  and makers. Together with innovative startups, Deutsche Telekom presents four different NarrowBand IoT use cases for smart water management, smart industry, smart waste management and smart lighting.