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Real digital value added: At Hanover Fair (April 23-27) Deutsche Telekom will present a powerful process chain for a powerful industry of the future, integrated in a secure, powerful network.

Hannover Messe 2018

At this year's Hanover Fair, DT will be presenting its expertise in the field of digital value creation.

Today's customers want everything, customized, and preferably right now. Manufacturers have to respond to these needs – and now they can. In the digital factory, people and machines work collaboratively. Planning, production, and logistics are all getting connected; the real and virtual worlds are converging.

Production planning

In cloud-based environments, the technology collects information from machine sensors, historical data, and operating data, creating a virtual twin. This process will enable realistic trials of future innovations. An automotive engineer can simulate a new prototype on a digital twin, for example, and hand it over to production.


Here, a robot controls the workpiece while the human merely monitors. The production facility is implemented as a digital factory, integrating extensive automation functions. The workpieces possess digital product memory, while a blockchain saves all production steps in the background, reliably and transparently – simply smart, all the way to logistics.


VR and AR environments speed up goods picking. The goods are given a digital bill of lading and equipped with a virtual bee, a Roambee, which transmits important information about humidity, temperature, vibration, and moisture content of the transported goods. Logistics always knows what's going on, in real time. Until delivery, until the digital process chain is completed, until all potential efficiency has been captured – Shape the Digital now. 

Shape the digital now Visit us at the Hanover Fair from April 23 to 27: Hall 6, Booth F16.