Green IoT

IoT in practice


Take responsibility

Easy and simple: Climate protection at Deutsche Telekom.

Logistik farblich

Green Logistics

Logistics bears responsibility for the future. Interview with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt.

Großstadt farblich

Green Buildings

Sustainable building management is becoming more and more important.

Fabrik farblich

Green Manufacturing

Climate protection at the push of a button.

Einzelhandel farblich

Green Retail

Climate protection at the push of a button.


Green City

Digital solutions support sustainable coexistence in a Smart City in a variety of ways.

Green IoT

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Achieving climate targets via the Internet of Things


Achieving climate targets via the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) can play a key role in combating the climate crisis. This is the result of a recent online survey conducted by Deutsche Telekom with 722 IoT experts on the subject of "Sustainable with IoT".


Digitalization is transforming itself


Digitalization is transforming itself

With the result that economic growth and resource consumption are largely decoupled for the first time. Also because our attitude towards the environment, health, production and consumption will change massively.

Illustration city and logo Datenkompetenzzentrum für Städte und Regionen - DKSR.


Open urban data platform as key for digital transformation

New “Morgenstadt Initiative” project supports cities and regions in data-driven transformation.

LCMM app in the driver‘s cabin.


Why logistics companies should rely on the driving style app

How to reduce emssions and costs using an app.

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Smart Street Lighting: Visit at the open-air laboratory

Cutting energy costs, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and doing something about insect mortality? It's possible! With intelligent street lights and light management in the cloud at the Birkenfeld Environmental Campus.

Smart Metering benefits the environment.


Mother Earth needs help: Smart meters for the climate

Smart metering systems add transparency and intelligence to our power consumption. Sustainable management of energy, gas and water helps utilities and customers – and our planet.

Managing buildings sustainably with Deutsche Telekom's Internet of Things (IoT).


Sustainability check: Managing buildings green

Many people desire a sustainable future. Companies are also asking themselves how they can reduce their ecological footprint. It is time to take a closer look at the topic of building management

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