Green Logistics

Container port with ship, truck, plane.

Data hub optimizes cross-border logistics in Europe 

The EU is developing a new common data platform for logistics within the FENIX project. The project partners use Deutsche Telekom's Data Intelligence Hub for this.

Climate protection at the push of a button with the IoT Service Button – for the sake of our nature.


Martina Hammer


Climate protection at the push of a button

There are many ways of protecting the environment. It needs to be easy - like pressing a button. Like Deutsche Telekom's "IoT Service Button".

Truck on a road.e


Anton Schäfer


Logistics experts get sustainability on the road

Climate change concerns us all. Anton Schäfer explains how the logistics sector combines efficiency and sustainability - with digitalization.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt.

Logistics bears responsibility for the future

In an interview Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt explains, why profitability and sustainability are not contradictory in global value chains.