Green Retail

Digital Twins in Retail and logictic

Who’s afraid of the digital twin?

Digital twins are more than just visual reproductions of machines, buildings, or systems. They can become “workmates” with enormous potential and even support sustainable business. Bastian Herrlich, Tribe Lead Digital Twin Intelligence at T-Systems, explains why the economy needs them and why they are definitely a future trend.

Customer in a supermarket at the vegetable stand.


Lisa Machnig


The little digital elves that make our supermarkets greener

Sustainability at the supermarket begins long before your shop. Digital solutions can provide valuable support. This is made possible with technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Climate protection at the push of a button with the IoT Service Button – for the sake of our nature.


Martina Hammer


Climate protection at the push of a button

There are many ways of protecting the environment. It needs to be easy - like pressing a button. Like Deutsche Telekom's "IoT Service Button".