The IT factory of the future

One of the principal features of Industry 4.0 is the fact that it involves storing and processing data in the cloud. This cloud consists of a great many data centers connected together via extremely fast data transmission lines. The most modern of these centers is located in Biere near Magdeburg.

The IT factory of the future in Biere.

Without the cloud, Industry 4.0 is a pipe dream, and without data centers, there can be no cloud. Data sent from local computers and devices need to be recorded, saved, processed and sent on to data consumers. That is why high-performance data centers form just as important a component of the backbone of the "Internet of Things" as fast data transmission lines and mobile telecommunication standards.

30,000 servers

Deutsche Telekom has positioned itself in this field as a leading industry partner – with high-performance and extremely reliable cloud data centers capable of supporting customers in all their operations, including their global activities. The most modern and largest of these data centers was opened in July 2014 in the town of Biere near Magdeburg. This facility currently hosts 30,000 servers.

Redundancy as a security principle

The data center in Biere is designed as a twin to the data center built along identical lines in Magdeburg, 20 kilometers away. As what is commonly referred to as a "twin core" facility, this arrangement guarantees maximum reliability. Our "zero outage" strategy allows us to achieve a data availability rate of 99.999 percent.

Data protection "Made in Germany"

For many customers, the security of their data is another important factor in making the decision on what partner to use. Especially in the wake of the NSA scandal, many German companies prefer to store their data with German rather than foreign providers, as data protection enjoys a higher priority in that country than it does elsewhere.

Security at the highest possible technical level

The Biere data center is secured from outside intrusion as a high-security zone. The buildings are protected by state-of-the-art security installations and access to them is strictly controlled. The servers can only be physically accessed via bridges while powerful emergency generators ensure a constant power supply. On top of that, Deutsche Telekom gives its networks and data centers the highest possible level of technical protection from hacks and cyber attacks.

 It's happening in the cloud.

Cloud Computing

It's happening in the cloud.