Why gaming and Deutsche Telekom go together

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Deutsche Telekom? What does the former state-owned company have to do with gaming? That's what some might think, who see Deutsche Telekom alone in the telephone and cell phone corner. Thought wrong. 

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Hello Gamers!

  1. Gaming without a fast network is no fun! Cloud gaming requires stable Internet connections and short network response times. Unlike other streaming services like movies or music, there is no buffering when playing. Deutsche Telekom has expanded its decentralized cloud capacities (so-called edge clouds) with high-performance gaming servers. This brings the cloud closer to the players. This means: stable gaming with better ping times, i.e. shorter periods of interaction between the MagentaGaming platform and the customer's end device. 
  2. MagentaGaming is part of the telecom offer "StreamOn", as are over 40 gaming partners. This means that mobile phone customers throughout the EU do not need to think about data volume when playing games. StreamOn is available free of charge in many MagentaMobile and FamilyCard tariffs.
  3. Deutsche Telekom is serious about gaming and eSports. Deutsche Telekom is investing in eSports. Since 2019, it has held a 25 percent stake in the leading eSports team SK Gaming. This makes Telekom the first telecommunications provider to invest directly in an eSports organization. It has been its main sponsor and technology partner since mid-2018. Telekom supports the professional SK Gaming teams in disciplines such as League of Legends, Clash Royale, FIFA20 and Hearthstone. 
  4. Games, games, games: Telekom is looking for the best partners in the games market. For example, it cooperates with Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go and Harry Potter. For the MagentaGaming cloud gaming service, Deutsche Telekom also relies on strong partners and suppliers who guarantee the highest performance. In addition to NVIDIA for the servers, the main partner is RemoteMyApp, which enables the games stream. 
  5. Telekom goes where the gamers are. Since 2020, it has been involved in the "Twitch" live streaming platform, where players of the e-sports team SK Gaming can regularly watch them play on the Telekom channel. In 2020, Deutsche Telekom was one of the sponsors of the Gamescom games fair. 

And that is what Telekom offers gamers: Since August 2020, anyone interested in gaming has been able to book the MagentaGaming cloud gaming service from Deutsche Telekom, which will launch around 100 games from the cloud. High-performance servers in the cloud stream the games directly to Windows PCs, Macs or Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. Users can continue their game stored in the cloud directly on another device. What's more, technically demanding games do not require long download times or the purchase of expensive hardware. Several players can also play on one screen at the same time. In short: With MagentaGaming, a multitude of interested players can now experience high-quality gaming without having to buy expensive equipment beforehand.

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