Gen Z feel anxious about their future prospects

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In a post-pandemic world, there are many uncertainties the next generation are facing culturally, socially and economically.


4000 young people from Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Hungary aged 16 to 26 years were interviewed for the research.

Research released today by Deutsche Telekom shows 61 percent of European Gen Z are anxious about their future job and career prospects. 54 percent are unsure what careers will exist in the future, with 43 percent saying they are unsure if they have the qualities they need to succeed. 

The research was carried out in April 2021 by Kantar, Munich on behalf of Deutsche Telekom. A sample size of 4,000 young people aged from 16 to 26 years were interviewed.

You can download the full survey here (pdf, 7.3 MB)


#We are futureproof

Project Futureproof supports Gen Z in exploring future careers.