Corporate Responsibility

Active for a sustainable society

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Telekom takes social and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to set new international standards and to promote the sustainable development of environment and society.

Climate change, inequality and a lack of media skills are some of the major challenges faced by modern society. New information and communication technologies can help us to master these challenges and solve the pending problems. To aid this, Telekom has focused on three fields of activity:

Connected life and work

Telekom wants to help actively design the transformation to an increasingly digital world, to improve the quality of work and life of our customers, partners and employees. Our innovative products and services enable mobile work, for example, as well as improved medical care (e-health).

An equal opportunity to participate in the information society

The digital age is opening entirely new opportunities to communicate and obtain information. Telekom is creating the necessary foundation of technology and media skills to ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of these opportunities - from the expansion of high-speed DSL networks to special products for people with physical disabilities.

Climate-friendly society

Climate Protection has a long tradition at Deutsche Telekom. By setting its own specific, measurable climate targets, the company is helping meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting the increase in average global temperatures to 1.5 degree Celsius and fulfilling its responsibility for a climate-friendly society. Modern technology can help save energy and CO2 emissions. By using environmentally friendly services, Telekom employees and customers are already making a major contribution toward protecting the environment. For example, business trips can be replaced by videoconferences, digitization helps to save paper and downloads conserve physical resources. In addition, Telekom relies worldwide on electricity from renewable resources and a "green" vehicle fleet with low CO2 emissions.