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Excellent results of T-Mobile US Employee Perspective Survey 2013

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Nearly all key indexes have shown improvements again, compared to already very good results in last year’s Employee Perspective Survey.

Increases in the categories "vision“ and "leadership“ have even reached double-digits. Employees are very positive about the future of T-Mobile US. TMUS‘ Employee Perspective Survey took place between July 29 and August 23, 2013. The participation rate among more than 36.000 employees was approx. 75 percent. Proud to work for TMUS 85 percent of employees are proud to work for TMUS. A further 84 percent said that in their work group, an open expression of ideas and opinions is encouraged. Moreover, 80 percent are satisfied with their job and the same number of employees stated that they would recommend TMUS as a great place to work. These are outstanding results. The biggest improvements are found in the categories "vision“ and "leadership“. 18 percent more employees than last year believe TMUS is making the changes necessary to compete effectively – an improvement to a total of 88 percent. An increase of 15 percent to a total of 83 percent favorable responses were given to the statement that TMUS has an outstanding future. A vision of the future 78 percent of all employees affirm that senior leadership of TMUS has communicated a vision of the future that motivates them – an increase of 11 percent. The views of TMUS employees are consistent with those of investors who have driven TMUS’ stock price up nearly 60 percent since May 1, and of financial analysts who remain bullish on TMUS even after that remarkable increase. Again among the Top 25 With these results, TMUS is again among the Top 25 percent of more than 200 US companies surveyed by Kenexa, representing the viewpoints of over 4.7 million employees.