Deutsche Telekom series on data privacy

Many of us use our smartphones every day – to check e-mail, shop online, see what our Facebook friends are up to, etc., etc. In the process, we need to stay mindful of our data privacy. A new Deutsche Telekom series on data privacy shows how easy it is to keep our smartphone use secure.

DT series on data privacy.

DT series on data privacy.

"By following just a few simple rules, people can protect themselves and their devices," explains Claus-Dieter Ulmer, Global Data Privacy Officer at Deutsche Telekom. "We've compiled some basic tips that explain what users need to be aware of. The tips are concise, easy to understand and simple to apply."

The series started in early 2018 with the first tip. Other tips, covering subjects from protecting Wi-Fi networks to staying secure in social networks, follow regularly.

"Personal data are a valuable resource, and the Internet is full of threats to them. We want to help users protect themselves against cyber criminals," Ulmer explains, adding "We want people to be using smartphone security features as routinely as they use the safety belts in their cars. Today, no one gives a second thought to safety belts. Everyone uses them – and they provide very effective protection."

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