Corporate Responsibility Protecting against digital fiends

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    Two clicks for more data privacy: click here to activate the button and send your recommendation. Data will be transfered as soon as the activation occurs.
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Is my smartphone secure? Who has access to my data? And is online banking still really such a great idea? Find the answers to all these questions on

Privacy guidebook

The new online guide provides more tips for data protection and data security on the Internet.

Deutsche Telekom's internet portal offers many data privacy and security tips. Visitors can quickly find the latest information in text, video and images on the most common application scenarios in the digital world.

Find out how to pay risk-free on the internet. Or how to detect and eliminate of viruses, Trojans and other PC malware, and what to look out for when banking on your smartphone. The "Social Media" section provides instructions on how to communicate more securely via WhatsApp and others. It also includes tips on cyberbullying and insults.

"You can't always know everything. What counts is knowing where to go to get the answers. On we have made summaries with clear and compact information and suggestions on all the situations people face in their lives online. We plan to constantly build on and keep them up to date," says Deutsche Telekom spokesperson Christian Fischer. shows you how to keep your Mac or Android devices secure. Also included: How to surf securely on the go with a VPN connection and how a good backup can protect yourself against data loss.

But what if a cyberattack is successful? What should you do? has advice for the worst case scenario, too. For example, if you are the victim of digital blackmail (Ransomware).

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DT series on data privacy.

Data privacy made easy

Deutsche Telekom series on data privacy shows how easy it is to keep our smartphone use secure.