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Surfing on the Internet generates a large amount of data. Normally, however, Deutsche Telekom only saves the data that is relevant for billing. We delete this data after three months at most.

Internet data support fast and protected usage.

Internet data support fast and protected usage.

What Internet data do we store?

If you use a flat rate, we do not save any data for billing, but only general traffic data such usage times. This data is saved up to seven days after the connection is ended. If your rate has a limit, the data volume, usage times and your IP address are associated to your contract data. An exception is when misuse of our services has to be investigated. We do not save your surfing habits.

How do we use Internet data?

Your data lets us calculate when your contractually agreed volume limit (if any) is exhausted. The IP address is only saved to detect abuse, for example, caused by spam, viruses or worms.
In addition, it enables us to identify and correct disruptions in our network at an early stage. To do so, we save your IP address for seven days after the connection is ended.

Is data passed on to third parties?

This data is only passed on to third parties when ordered by a court; otherwise it is not.

Managing your cookie settings

We use cookies to provide you with an optimized website experience. These are small text files that are stored on your computer. They include cookies for the operation and optimization of the website as well as cookies for services, such as the display of share prices or Google Maps as well as content based on your online usage behavior. They enable the system to tell if you repeatedly visit our website from the same device. We want to give you the choice of which cookies are permitted.


Cookie Settings: You can access your Cookie Settings at any time to manage your preferences.

Crazy facts - Internet usage data

Crazy facts

Every day, Deutsche Telekom's network faces an armada of more than 50 million devices.

And our network welcomes all of these many, many devices. It embraces them, assigns them to their proper places, and makes the right connections when Mike wants to call Sally, and not the garbage collectors. Imagine what would happen if communications were based on the principle of random chance.