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MagentaTV usage data

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To improve the service quality of Deutsche Telekom's Entertain offering, certain information about your devices and the content you select is saved.

MagentaTV data streamlines personal media recommendations.

MagentaTV data streamlines personal media recommendations.

What MagentaTV data do we store?

When you use Deutsche Telekom MagentaTV, we collect technical and user-specific data.

The technical data includes the software version of your media receiver, your customer number and the identification number of the media receiver, for example. We also save device-specific data, identified interface connections and device-specific problems, should any occur. This data will only be analysed in case of system malfunctions and is deleted after 30 days.

The data we save on the content you select from our MagentaTV offering is recorded in the following areas: Your media receiver type; your menu selections in MagentaTV; pages retrieved; content consumed (VoD, live TV, recording); when you switch on, off and change channels; how long you use MagentaTV and which applications you use. The statistical processing of this data is pseudonymised, so that we cannot assign the outcome to individual customers. This data is also deleted after 30 days. If information is required for a longer period of time, it is pseudonymized and later anonymized. After anonymization, data cannot be traced back to an individual.

What do we do with your MagentaTV data?

Your media receiver and our servers exchange certain authorization and usage information with one another. This is done to enable us to provide you with MagentaTV services and, of course, bill you for them. To do so, we save the MagentaTV services that we make available to you at any given time. We generate statistical analyses of user data to continue to improve our entertainment offerings for you. This data is pseudonymized, however, and cannot be traced back to your person. You can object to the analysis of your data at any time.

Is data passed on to third parties?

No data that can be associated to an individual is passed on to third partiesIt may only be passed on to content and media providers after it has been anonymized for statistical analysis and for contractual purposes.

Crazy facts - Entertain usage data

Crazy facts

Deutsche Telekom's fiber-optic network is growing by an average of 27 kilometers every day. Overall, this means Deutsche Telekom's fiber-optic network comprises more than 400,000 kilometers in Germany.

As a single cable, it would reach around the world ten times. Or if that's too boring, it would also reach the moon with 16,000 kilometers to spare.