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Smart home usage data

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Smart homes are increasingly simplifying our lives. To keep the associated technology working smoothly, we have to save certain data for a certain amount of time.

Smart Home data provide intuitive and secure device configuration.

Smart Home data provide intuitive and secure device configuration.

What smart home data do we store?

Your smart home usage data is saved locally on your smart home gateway. Deutsche Telekom can only access this data with your consent in case of necessary troubleshooting, for extended customer support. To improve the platform and ensure constant quality of service, anonymized data is being used. Data transmission only takes place for additional applications, such as the storage of video recordings in the cloud.

What do we do with smart home data?

We sometimes use device related data of your Home Gateway (e.g. serial numbers of connected devices) for our customer service and to obtain exact error diagnoses. If we make any further use of this data – for example, for operations monitoring or to improve the QIVICON platform (Deutsche Telekom's smart home platform), we either need your consent  or anonymize the data beforehand. If camera recordings are generated (e.g. for security solutions), you can store these recordings on a mass storage device (such as in the Magenta Cloud). However, this will not be done without your prior consent.

Is data passed on to third parties?

Your individual smart home usage data remains in your possession. This information is generated on your gateway and saved there.Deutsche Telekom has no access to it. For all other purposes, we store the data in anonymized form or – in exceptional cases, such as when you contact our customer service – we ask you for your explicit consent. If you are using software provided by our partner companies, data such as email address, device serial numbers and activation information is being forwarded. This data transfer is limited to the scope that you are setting in the contract between you and the partner company.

Crazy facts - Smart home usage data

Crazy facts

Deutsche Telekom's total annual energy consumption amounts to some 7,400 megawatt hours.

That's less than three times the power consumed by the Munich Oktoberfest in a single season (2,700 megawatt hours). While people also talk and make many phone calls at the Oktoberfest, they tend to get more incomprehensible as the conversation goes on.