Cyber crime

Illustration image: Install Wi-Fi network securely.

How to set up a secure Wi-Fi network

Cybercriminals exploit wireless networks with inadequate connections to search computers or smart TVs. Protect your home network from “pathogens”.

Passwörter ohne Zeichen

Use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your accounts

A strong password is an important means of protecting your privacy on the Internet. Two-factor authentication takes data security a step further.


Keep your eyes open

Make sure your data feed is healthy, because computer viruses can sneak into programs or games when you download them.

Privacy guidebook

Detect and banish viruses, Trojans, and malware

Something is wrong with the computer. How to handle a possible attack and minimize data loss with cool deliberation.

Illustration image: Install Wi-Fi network securely.

Tips for more router security

Without a router, your internet connection won’t work. How to ensure perfect security on your network’s hub.


More privacy and security in Windows

Turn on Windows functions for more protection and a healthy measure of privacy when working at your PC.

Privacy Guidebook

Protection for VoIP calling

Voice over IP systems could also be described as computers with special purposes, and they need to be protected from attackers.

Privacy guidebook

How to correctly secure your Mac

While Windows malware cannot hurt Macs, they can still pass it on. How to “vaccinate” MacBooks and similar devices.  

Illustration "hidden SMS costs"

What you need to know about phishing

Phishing emails look deceptively genuine. How to know when someone is faking their identity.

First aid for computer emergencies.

Caller ID spoofing – phone scam

This scam involves callers who say they are with the police or work for a bank. Protect yourself from criminals using common sense.

Illustration "hidden SMS costs"

Protect yourself from identity theft

Has someone ordered something using your name, but hasn’t paid the bill? How to protect yourself from digital “multiple personalities”.

Illustration: Banking by smartphone

Attention, malicious SMS cost traps

Fraudulent texts often look as if they have come from a well-known company. How to stay safe from scammers’ tricks.

Illustration image: Install Wi-Fi network securely.

Opening ports on the router

Keep your digital skin’s defenses strong and protect your router from external cyberattacks.

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