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More privacy and security in Windows

Turn on Windows functions for more protection and a healthy measure of privacy when working at your PC.

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Do better work with desktop sharing and videoconferencing

Desktop sharing lets you save lots of time on business communication, especially when the parties are in different locations.

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Detect and banish viruses, Trojans, and malware

Something is wrong with the computer. How to handle a possible attack and minimize data loss with cool deliberation.

Illustration: App-Berechtigung

Strip those inquisitive apps of their rights

Not every app needs access to photos or contacts. How to ensure “minimally invasive” impact on your data.

Passwörter ohne Zeichen

Use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your accounts

A strong password is an important means of protecting your privacy on the Internet. Two-factor authentication takes data security a step further.

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More webmail security

You can actively increase the security of your webmail – for example with encryption and SSL connections.


Seven security tips for any browser

The browser is one of the most important programs you have on your computer. Improve online security in a few simple steps.


What you should know about password managers

Keep personal “key stimuli” safe and secure.  How to stay on top of all passwords with a password manager. 

Passwörter ohne Zeichen

Fingerprints and face recognition instead of passwords?

Is biometric data secure? How our skin protects our smartphone – and where it needs additional protection.

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How to encrypt emails

Email is part of everyday life, whether for work or personal purposes. Protect your electronic mail effectively.

Illustration image: Prevent data loss.

How to tell if you are browsing with a secure connection

Whether you are banking or shopping online, bear these “health tips” in mind so that confidential information stays confidential.


Tips for more Android security

Screen locks, system updates, and backups – a few basic rules will help you boost your phone’s immune status.

Illustration Cloud

Sync your data securely through the cloud

It is easy and convenient to sync your data with the cloud. Encryption keeps your data “healthy”, even online.

Illustration Smart Home

Smart Home? Rest assured!

A smart home can make life within your own four walls safer and better. How to make your smart devices immune to attacks.

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How to handle email securely

If an infected email is simply deleted, nothing can happen. More caution will keep you immune to Trojans and viruses.

Illustration "hidden SMS costs"

Protect yourself from identity theft

Has someone ordered something using your name, but hasn’t paid the bill? How to protect yourself from digital “multiple personalities”.


Ten tips for more security on any system

Smartphones and computers help us to do our work and organize our lives. Our tips will help you create more security.

Illustration Cloud

Protect your privacy online

Tracking systems log your every step on the internet. There is a risk of becoming too transparent as a user. 


Get the best out of your tablet – securely

The on-trend look and many entertainment functions of a tablet often keep us from remembering that they, too, are computers that are subject to attacks and therefore need protecting.

Illustration image: Install Wi-Fi network securely.

Opening ports on the router

Keep your digital skin’s defenses strong and protect your router from external cyberattacks.

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