Illustration Smart Home

Smart Home? Rest assured!

A smart home can make life within your own four walls safer and better. How to make your smart devices immune to attacks.

Privacy Guidebook

How to encrypt emails

Email is part of everyday life, whether for work or personal purposes. Protect your electronic mail effectively.

Illustration Cloud

Protect your privacy online

Tracking systems log your every step on the internet. There is a risk of becoming too transparent as a user. 

First aid for computer emergencies.

VPN connection lets you browse securely on the go

Using a public Wi-Fi network is often risky. A “tunnel” protects your data connections perfectly.

Illustration image: Install Wi-Fi network securely.

How to set up a secure Wi-Fi network

Cybercriminals exploit wireless networks with inadequate connections to search computers or smart TVs. Protect your home network from “pathogens”.


Ten tips for more security on any system

Smartphones and computers help us to do our work and organize our lives. Our tips will help you create more security.

Illustration image: Install Wi-Fi network securely.

Tips for more router security

Without a router, your internet connection won’t work. How to ensure perfect security on your network’s hub.

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