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Security in Magenta: Congress in Frankfurt

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IT security is high up on the agenda for German companies – at least according to a survey conducted by the Allensbach institute and commissioned by Deutsche Telekom: 92 percent of managers or large and medium-sized companies say that IT security is a high or very high priority in their company, with large corporations attaching even more importance to it than medium-sized firms. Looking back at the past two or three years, 29 percent of the companies surveyed reported significant expenditure increases for IT security, while 49 percent said the respective costs had risen to some extent.

Magenta Secutity

But while IT security is seen as very important, do companies actually protect themselves in the right way? Often, corporations invest in solutions that are partial or don’t exactly fit their requirements. Additionally, coding mistakes or falsely implemented IT systems are common sources of errors that can be exploited by attackers. And sometimes, in Deutsche Telekom’s experience, expensive security solutions aren’t actually deployed or updated regularly, partly due to excessive complexity.

But what might a well fitting security solution for a company look like? Which products are suitable and which are not? With its new business unit Telekom Security, which is currently being set up, Deutsche Telekom is supplying practical answers to those questions – and is expanding its Magenta Security Portfolio for security solutions on an ongoing basis.

At its first specialist congress Magenta Security, Deutsche Telekom is informing customers, partners and the media about the latest trends an solutions in the security field. Along with DT CEO Timotheus Höttges and Oliver Bierhoff (Manager of the German national soccer team), high ranking partner companies and internationally respected IT experts will be addressing the audience. For instance, there will be presentations by Bruce Schneier (USA, expert for cryptography and computer security) and Tobias Schrödel (a well-known television personality and IT expert).

You can find further information on the event’s website. On Twitter, follow the hash tag #TelekomSecurity. Also look at the contributions from our speakers and partners under the label “Impulses” – which you can find here (German only). You will find out more about the event on November 29 and 30.

Magenta Secutity

Magenta security congress 2016

IT security is very important, but do companies protect themselves in the right way? Deutsche Telekom informs about trends and solutions in the field of security.