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Three questions to Tobias Schrödel

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Tobias Schrödel is IT security expert, computer expert on TV and first comedy hacker ©


Tobias Schrödel.

What makes it difficult for users to protect themselves against cyber attacks?

Unfortunately, they themselves are often the problem. We love comfort zones. There is a reason why you can find unofficial, beaten tracks across meadows – even though the ‘correct path’ is right next to those tracks, though possibly not the most direct route. When users understand that IT guidelines (“Use the path!”) make sense, they become willing to accept ostensibly inconvenient rules – e.g. when creating a password or using USB thumb drives.

Which erroneous cyber-security assumptions do you consider the most harmful?

a. Nobody is interested in me and my data.

b. I have never been affected yet.

c. Things will turn out fine!

What are the future threats for private or corporate users?

Even more than today, it will be ransomware in the Internet of Things. Badly secured online devices will make it easy for attackers to blackmail private consumers and companies for ransom if they want their data or networks back. This is where producers are called upon to secure their devices in a far safer way. I think it is only a matter of time before the first blackmail virus slows a connected car down to a maximum speed of 40 km/h until the driver pays a 3-bitcoin ransom.

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