Corporate Responsibility

First 2012 Cyber Security Summit in Bonn

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The first top-level meeting initiated jointly by the Munich Security Conference and Deutsche Telekom has for the first time brought together leading personalities in order to initiate the discussion regarding threat situations and structures of a cross-area and cross-sectoral cooperation.

The Cyber Security Summit thereby created valuable synergy effects between industry and security policy. We will only defend criminality, industrial espionage and sabotage from the internet with comprehensive cooperation. Here, eight key points describe the relevant areas of action.

Relevant areas of action

  • Cyber security should be on the agenda of every company and their top management. We want to see continuous exchange at the highest executive levels and establish regular high-level meetings, simulation exercises and workshops.
  • The creation of legal and institutional instruments for an international dialog on behavioral norms and confidence-building measures must be pursued.
  • An urgent task for the alliance is to set up a platform in which all branches of industry and companies of all sizes can get involved.
  • We want to promote open exchange on attack scenarios on a voluntary basis. The overall system will only be strengthened by handling attacks in a bold and transparent way. A corresponding initiative by industry must also be allowed to freely develop.
  • A secure information society requires a growing community of contacts in companies and in the public sector which, as a “cyber defense force”, is capable of safeguarding the information flow and introducing and carrying out measures in the event of a security incident.
  • We are committed to maintaining technological sovereignty in Germany. A secure overall system requires the security of fully developed hardware components and their supply chains.
  • With awareness-raising campaigns, German industry also contributes to a secure information society. We are committed to raising awareness among employees of companies, institutions and organizations. Further cyber security will be additionally achieved in companies through the introduction of standardized security guidelines and the creation of security architectures.
  • In order for people to be informed of and brought along on this highly important path for Germany, we also propose suitable media measures for raising the public’s awareness.

Risk analyses

At the first Cyber Security Summit in September 2012, 75 leading figures from the industrial and political world discussed the degree of risk and the structures of a cross-sector collaboration. A series of articles provides an overview of the results from the individual working groups.