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40 million kilometers for needy children

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T-Mobile Poland launched the nationwide campaign "Help Measured in Kilometers" to support physically-disabled children through prostheses and rehabilitation activities.

Over the four-month duration of the charity project, the participants were given a new distance quota every two weeks. T-Mobile Poland added all the traveled distances together and converted them into monetary donations to the "You Are Not Alone TVN Foundation", an aid organization.

More than three million hamburgers burned All in all, the participants chalked up 40 million kilometers, through jogging, walking, roller-skating, wheelchair sports and cycling. An amazing two billion calories were burned (which corresponds to eating around 3.5 million hamburgers), 200 million minutes of activity were recorded and 1 million zloty (around EUR 245,000) donated. A custom-developed smartphone app served as a motivational coach, recording and calculating all of the participants' physical activities.

250,000 participants T-Mobile Poland was helped by partners from industry and media for the campaign. Well-known Polish journalists, athletes and actors also helped to spread the word about the project. The collected money will be used to support children who have physical disabilities as the result of accidents or disease. The nationwide campaign "Help Measured in Kilometers" mobilized more than 250,000 people to join in and celebrated its grand finale at the 35th Warsaw Marathon.